I have been grappling with something.

In a time when many white people are coming to terms with white supremacy, fragility and privilege, I notice many of us are running away from the conversations or experiences we must fight head-on.

On social media, white friends are “canceling” or “unfriending” those they see as racist. …

In my career in a variety of leadership, coaching and board roles, I have reflected on what makes a great leader. What qualities and skills define greatness in leadership and how do those differ according to gender? Some might argue that the same attributes apply regardless of gender.

This has not been my experience.

Leadership greatness is measured in different ways when male leaders and female leaders are compared and contrasted. Many of the traits celebrated in male leaders are denounced in women leaders: confidence, brashness, assertiveness, and stoicism, for example.

Put simply, powerful women in both corporations and politics are often seen as unlikable. …

Dear Family and Friends,

I apologize for the blanket note but this is such a crazy time with so many people in need and I wanted to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound and weathering this very scary time.

Although I am no longer CEO, I proudly serve on the Board of Directors of BUILD and do my best to be a thought-partner to BUILD’s extraordinary CEO, Ayele Shakur.

Today in speaking with Ayele, I felt such gratitude she is at the helm of the organization *and* was reminded of the magnitude of challenges BUILD students and alumni are facing. …


Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Esq.

Entrepreneur, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Operator and Advisor. I love impact, innovation and inspiration. www.smklahr.com

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