High stakes, quirky and absolutely entertaining I recommend Leverage for your viewing needs. This show centers around classic villains: a hacker, a con artist, a thief and a “hitter”; they all team up under the command of an insurance fraud investigator turned alcoholic. The cool switch is that they pull heists Robin Hood style.

The Leverage team finds people who have been exploited then works against the huge companies that took advantage of them. The team uses every trick up their sleeves to right the wrongs they see in the world. They also refuse to charge those that they are helping, the team steals from their target instead to make enough money to stay working.

One of my favorite things about this show is the character development throughout. We get to see each character grow, each of these criminal lone wolves slowly mold to the team dynamic, learns to trust, even learns each other’s trades to work more efficiently. These people begin the show at eachothers’ throats and end as a real team

Another great thing about this show is its twist endings. In every job they pull they win taking a route I never saw coming. Even better, they explain step by step how they pulled it off.

The one drawback of Leverage is how formulaic it is. We watch one plan unfold then the team wins in a way we never say coming; then finally, we find out how they did it. They win every time and win big.

The Critic Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes wrote, “Leverage is uneven and occasionally illogical, but its twisty, exciting plotting make for a caper series that’s compelling and watchable”.

Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe wrote, “This motley crew is a kind of guerilla comedy troupe that can pick pockets and empty bank accounts, too”.










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