Spanners, ebooks, dog food, videos, Jimmy choo’s, PR campaigns, sports cars, SEO, bikinis, blog posts, bullets …

Whatever product or service you sell for a living, these are not the actual products or services you provide.

All businesses are here to create the most human reactions they can!

So what do I mean?

Let me explain. In order to buy whatever you are selling someone has to make a choice. Choices are emotive, they come from a need or a desire that creates the action to purchase.

This means as businesses, brands or marketers … we are all in the ‘human reaction’ business.

Thinking like this when it comes to sales and marketing process changes the context of your marketing message to being people focused not product focused... This is a good thing, after all the age old phrase “people buy people” is as true today as it ever was right?

By: Tim Elliott team #SMXEdu

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