Life is Too Short to Fold a Fitted Sheet

It’s amusing how life lessons appear to you in unusual circumstances. You have to be conscious to accept them. Currently I am trying to be more mindful. That is rough for someone whose mind goes fifty miles a second. Obviously that is just the point. I would love to share my mindfulness lesson with you for the week.

My mother was a perfectionist and she had the edge on being mindful before it was a trend. I felt she had eyes in the back of her head as she corralled six children without drawing a breath. She always had an extraordinary capability to be aware and listened to what people said. Whatever she did from the most onerous task to easy ones, she immersed herself and most of all she appreciated a task properly executed.

I recall one Christmas when all the family was together and someone asked my Mom to teach us how to fold a fitted sheet. (Big family) She proudly got up in front of all of us and whipped that sheet out and gave us a sheet folding lesson. When she finished folding that darned fitted sheet looked perfect. Not an edge was peeking out at us. I looked around the room at the puzzled faces still struggling to figure out how she had managed it. We had the most fun out of our sheet folding event.

What strikes me the most was my Mom had endless energy and could work ten women’s worth of work in a day. She took satisfaction in every task she undertook. (Ask her children who had to wash dishes repeatedly because she had eagle’s eye that caught the slightest speck of dirt.) I think she had such unusual energy because she was mindful. She didn’t have time to worry about the past or future.

Some days I am mindful and other times less so. I am a creation in progress. Secretly I think, “Life is too short to fold a fitted sheet,” but I do it anyway because that is what my mom taught me. Here is gratitude to my mom. Thank you for all you have taught me.