Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots
J. Alex Halderman

a) The DNC info was probably not hacked, but leaked by an insider. Given the incredible violations of voter rights by the DNC leadership, that would not be surprising. The murder of a young DNC employee in Washington DC would point that way. Assange also hinted that there might be a connection.

b) Whoever managed to publish the DNC and Podesta email deserves a medal for publishing them. Without all that Wikileaks information, the totally corrupt, criminal Hillary might have been elected.

c) There has NEVER been even a sliver of evidence that Russia was involved. That was a completely fabricated claim by Hillary, in a desperate attempt to distract from her crimes. The FBI and the CIA rejected this claim and Obama himself admitted that they had no clue who might have stolen the DNC data.

d) The re-count in Wisconsin so far gave Trump 15'000 more votes, as apparently a total of 17'000 Hillary votes were found invalid vs. about 2'000 Trump votes. Who knows, a full recount for the entire country might find that Trump also won the popular vote…

Either way, the entire planet is extremely lucky that it was Trump, not Hillary, who won the election!

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