CNN is Hitler…Literally

All CNN social media accounts have gone radio-silent as the rapidly failing cable news network reels from the massive public backlash to its attempted extortion of an ordinary citizen.

Still butt-hurt over President Trump’s metaphorical body-slam last weekend, CNN lashed out in the only way left to them now that “We don’t care” has become the standard-issue public response to the media whining about what is or isn’t “Presidential.”

To be perfectly clear, here is what happened:

CNN got its panties in a twist over an animated gif on the Internet. They subsequently decided to track down the alleged creator of said gif, a private citizen with no connection to Trump and a Constitutional right to free speech (and also probably not the right guy). They then bullied that citizen into apologizing and further continue to hold the threat of doxxing (publishing of personal information, including name and home address) over his head if he ever displeases the corporate media overlords again.

In other words, CNN is Hitler. Literally.

As a misanthrope, I can’t help but notice that this is one of the problems of large societies that we have yet to solve. Humans evolved to live in groups of about 200. That’s roughly how many people we are capable of keeping track of. But for a long time now, we’ve been living in much larger groups and deluding ourselves into thinking it’s working.

We use various forms of media to form “relationships” with people we never meet, like the Kardashians or Taylor Swift. We follow their public lives, so we think we know them. But we are deluding ourselves.

This is why I laugh at those news segments that ask people on the street who the Vice President is in an attempt to make us despise each other’s ignorance. Who has made a better choice: the person who fabricates a relationship with a politician they’ve never met or the person who performs badly at trivia?

You have done things that would appear humiliating in a CNN report. Yes, you. You have done perfectly innocent things that don’t at all bother the 200 people who actually know you, who know the context, who can recognize a joke or a personality quirk.

But if Andrew Kaczysnki one day has a bad flare-up of Trump Derangement Syndrome, he might find you, find that perfectly innocent thing you’ve done, and blast it out to 300 million Americans who don’t know you, don’t know the context, don’t like the joke or your personality (and why would they? they were never your intended audience).

Let’s say 99% of that 300 million is smart enough to not give a damn about what memes a private citizen puts on the Internet. Great, that only leaves 3,000,000 people willing to believe that you are the scum of the earth, willing to ruin your life, willing to utterly destroy you over a gif.

And that is why CNN is Hitler. Literally.

Never forget,

S. Misanthrope