Phase 1: Complete

Like many Trump supporters, my vote in the last election cost me a few friends. Like some (too many), I also paid for that vote with personal injury at the hands of violent leftists. I have never worn my MAGA hat in public, and my Trumpsl!de 2020 shirt inevitably leads to confrontation.

Today I can say: it was all bloody well worth it.

I supported Trump because I wanted to see him do 3 things:

  1. Destroy the media
  2. Pack the court
  3. Build the wall

These are, in my judgment, the absolute minimum actions required to save the United States and, consequently, the West. I can explain why another time. Today, however, is a day for celebration.

The God Emperor showed himself in peak form this Independence Day weekend, delivering a rhetorical body-slam to the legacy media.

The ensuing blue checkmark meltdown was glorious to behold.

I, too, “publish” things on Twitter. That is definitely objective journalistic language intended to clarify rather than mislead with an obvious agenda.

Fake News merchant Brian Stelter dedicated an entire segment to Trump’s tweet, a sentence that never gets less bizarre to type. True to form, CNN (which is Hitler) rubbed its four remaining brain cells together and asked the kind of hard-hitting questions we’ve come to expect from the Fraud News Network: is Trump violating Twitter’s terms and conditions?

“Duh.” ~Literally everyone on the Internet


6 hours from transparent propaganda piece to official declaration of #FakeNews. Must be a new record!

Enjoy the fireworks, kids. And thank you, Mr. President, for the best 4th of July present this American girl has ever received.

Phase 1: complete!

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