To Hell With Normal

Leftists are terrified of being identified as not normal.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen a leftist lose their shit over this basic adjective. They literally equate not being normal with death. Or more accurately, they believe that anyone who views something as abnormal must want to wipe that thing off the face of the earth.

SJWs always project.

Yes, this reaction is related to the totalitarian collectivist ideology that drives the left, in which anything outside the approved order is ruthlessly exterminated (because diversity is our strength!). But I speculate there’s something deeper at play, a threat-narrative rooted in evolution. And nothing makes humans rush onboard the crazy-train like a quality threat-narrative.

Choo-choo, all aboard.

I said leftists before, but that isn’t exactly right. The people who experience a paralyzing fear from being labeled “not normal” are part of an overlapping but not identical group referred to as r-selected.

r/K selection theory is an evolutionary hypothesis that individual humans fall into one of two basic species survival strategies: “r” or “K.”

r selection is a prey animal strategy that involves massive reproduction with few resources invested in each offspring. Rabbits are a classic example. “Spray and pray;” in other words, reproduce as much as possible and hope a few survive.

K selection is a predator strategy in which few offspring are produced and many resources are invested in each. Wolves epitomize K selection, with small, infrequent litters; long gestation periods; and years of active parental involvement committed to each pup.

r-selected species rely on the strength of numbers, where each unit is essentially identical and disposable. Rabbits don’t band together in a group to fight off a hawk; they simply hang out together in a herd and cross their fingers that the hawk chooses a different rabbit. This works just fine for the survival of the species, which is all evolution cares about. But it has certain consequences.

Prey species, in particular herd animals, rely on camouflage against the herd. Zebra do not blend in with the grass, but they do blend in with other zebra, which makes it very difficult for lions to focus on a particular zebra in a hunt. The consequences of failing to blend in with the herd are dire, as scientists learned when they attempted to tag zebra: every tagged zebra was quickly targeted and killed by predators.

For a pack predator, it’s the opposite: differences are a good thing. Each member of the pack has an assigned role in the hunt, and other members of the pack benefit from being able to distinguish each other by sight, smell, sound, etc. Just like you see different physiques and intelligences by position on the football field, variances in K-selected species are a benefit both individually and to the group.

Understanding this, it becomes obvious why we tend to see hysteria from the left over the term “normal.” r-selected people tend to gravitate toward the left while K-selected people lean right. If you’re “not normal,” you’ve lost the herd camouflage that r’s depend on for survival. Being perceived as an undifferentiated member of the herd is literally a matter of life or death for them.

I don’t quite know what to recommend you do with this information. Perhaps it will help you laugh off the insanity that the left throws your way. Perhaps it will give you greater awareness of the nature of your own psychology and dispel a few illusions of about how you arrived at your values (hint: it isn’t all rationality). Perhaps the value can’t be predicted.

But it’s the truth, and the truth inevitably manifests value.

Yours in K-selection,

S. Misanthrope