वासुदेव बळवंत फडके पुण्यतिथी

Death Anniversary Vasudev Balwant Phadke

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My Grand Mother (Sou. Kamala Balkrishna Phadke) used to call me by his name saying “I have taken rebirth of Shri. Vasudev Balwant Phadke” since I have been asking too many questions to everyone in our family for every undocumented process and/or discipline bombarded on my life to follow.

And for each process and/or discipline, they used religion and cast umbrella and/or shield.

I studied Shri. Vasudev Balwant Phadke from history perspective and I found him rebellion Indian and that too in 18th century. I am sure he had great courage, guts, passion, confidence and above all, he wanted to change the world around. May be. That is how he created history for himself, for his family and for India.

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