all you were considering is how can I have clothes on my back, and a meal in my stomach. A Roof over my head and that’s it. It’s the fundamental truth. I don’t need anything and I don’t want anything other than the results. I want the work, the hustle, the process and the journey.
What Makes Me a Great CEO
Gary Vaynerchuk

As of July, 2017, Food, Clothing and Shelter does not requires huge money. They can be managed as little.

FY June 2011 till August 2015, I ran away from our home and stayed in a small village in India.

My entire expenses for food, clothing and shelter was only INR 5,000 = 77.96 dollars per month.

I was in heaven, in peace and satisfied.

I experimented this to test my own gifted life and birth and I keep experimenting on daily basis as I 100% know well, I’m born to die and I have no rebirth.

So enjoying this one gifted life and birth to the best of my abilities, capabilities and the choices that I made for myself to keep satisfied than happy.

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