Being biased about anything or everything can take away countless opportunities for sleeping mankind. And if it is for country? It is a great loss for that country, country’s soil, country’s soul and for every countrymen.

Dear Reader,

You read it right.

Being unbiased (about anything and about everything) had taken countless opportunities for many people in many countries.
I am sure each country will have its own data about it.
I am sure India may or will have the data.
I know many Indians (from my school & college) who left India thinking India got no opportunities.
They left their parents and their grand parents.
They left their friends.
They left richness of India and Indians.
They left Indian soil and they sold their soul with this illusion that India can not feed them forever.

I am saying this by giving my own experience about India and about Indians.

I am aware about many (few and not all) Indians who never had any trust & faith in India and about the richness of India for some reasons.
May be. They were biased about India and about Indians.
May be they were learned about India + Indians but less learned.
May be they were not unlearned and relearned about India and about Indians.
May be, there was a flaw within upbringing.
May be there was a flaw in education system.
May be they thought, their birth place is entire India.
May be they thought their state is entire India.
May be they thought their mother language is the ultimate language.
May be they thought English is the ultimate language.
May be they thought earning huge money is the ultimate goal of life.
May be they thought India got no opportunities.
May be they thought they can not change the world around, India and Indians.
May be they thought serving other country and respective government machinery and/or business is the ultimate target of the life.
May be they were given completely wrong inputs (data) all across education system when they were taking education.
May be they were given impression (may be by parents, people around, teachers in education system, friends, etc.) that freedom in India came free of cost.
May be no one taught them from childhood that there is no free lunch for anyone and for everyone.

However, it was their perception.

But it was not ultimate truth.

There is no concept as such called as ultimate truth.

Perception is always based how interpretation happens for each one.

Interpretation always happens with thinking + hearing + observation + reading.

May be thinking was infected (and/or influenced) and may be ill hearing + ill observation + ill reading happened all along about India and about Indians.

Let me share my own experience.

Since I was 10 years old, I am traveling month after month and year after year. I am still traveling. Minimum of 1000 kilometer per week to maximum of 20,000 kilometer per month.
So far (as of 25th Jan. 2017) I traveled more than 30 lakhs kilometers of Indian land.
I visited most of the Indian states.
And I am yet to confirm (to myself and to anyone around) that I know India well and I know every Indian well. No I don’t know. I mean it.
As of today. I don’t have even passport and I don’t think I have a need for it for the rest of my life.
There is so much happening in India on daily basis. I don’t think one birth and one life will be sufficient enough to understand (and to capture) entire India and every Indian.
According to me entire India is a huge educational institute. I am inspired to call Vishwa Vidyalaya. In English language it can interpreted as University of Universe.
You name the subject, skill, product or service! You will find some or other source and knowledge and link and root.
Taking birth in India and as an Indian was not in my hand. However when I started traveling and started reading daily! I realized that I don’t need to cross the boundary of India to learn anything and everything.
In addition to above look at number of languages spoken in India, look at number of cast variants in India, look at number of religion variants in India, observe countless processes of upbringing (no standard process) kids, observe education variants in India, observe eating variants in India, observe sleeping & getting up style variants in India, observe clothing style variants in India, observe life style following variants in India and I can go on listing many attributes that helps an individual to become all rounder and finally to become a better human being. All are available in this land, in this soil and in this soul.
And now with this narration in front of you, watch the following video. Think. Imagine. Validate. Analyze.
Above video inspired me to write this post instantly.
Click the link to read more about Thiru (Thiru means Shri in Tamil Language and Mr in English language) Swaminathan Gurumurthy.

Till this moment I knew very little about Thiru Gurumurthy.

Today when I watched him in this video! I read more than 100++ pages about him.

After watching the video and after reading about him! I felt I must write about it today only so that countless Indians (and non Indians too) spread across the planet get an opportunity to learn, to unlearn and to relearn about India and about Indians from different perspective.

If perception happens accurately! Magic happens.
If perception happens inaccurately! Blunder happens.
Now this is my perception.
My perception is based on my experience.
My experience is my truth.
However my truth is no universal truth since there is no concept called as universal truth.
I am perfectly ok with that.
It’s a game of perception how it happens to each individual.
Rule apply in home, for marriage, for business, for customers, for society, for nation and for planet too.
I try daily to help myself to be unbiased about anything and about everything.
I try to keep child within my thinking awaken.
I try my level best not to allow that child factor to get killed (or infected or influenced) by religion, religious festival, cast, sub cast, cast festivals, Indian politics, Indian media, hear says, gossips, bombarding of absurd Indian ads, etc.
Keeping innocent thinking alive keeps me fresh and gives me a feeling of newly born kid.
Now let every reader give a thought for a moment about India and about Indians.
In fact this is the reason (issue of perception) why I write following 2 lines with hash tag as my signature for every expression of thoughts written in the form of article on this platform.

At my end, I am yet to learn (unlearn & relearn) many things about India and about Indians. Journey of learning, unlearning and relearning is going on. It will stop & end with my death.

Best regards,



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