Brian Tracy says

I agree & endorse above quote and thinking.

I am following it too.

I am also preaching.

This change happened with me when I got connected (accidentally) with My Spiritual Guru (via books written by his followers. I saw these books in the village where he was born & died) Shri Bramha Chaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj.

The first preaching that I read in the book was

“Don’t Expect Anything and Everything From Everyone Around and Then You Won’t Be Frustrated, Sad, Angry and Stressful Forever”

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This is how he looks

This line opened up my sleeping eyes.

This line opened up my sleeping and rusty brain.

This line opened up my polluted & corrupted thinking about world around + countless products + countless services + countless people + property + money + gold and so on.

Above all, this line also injected another wonderful thinking style in my body and that is
“learn, unlearn, relearn and become unbiased about anything and about everything.”
This line killed so called and absurd male EGO in my mind.
This line inspired me to treat myself and behave as student forever.
This line broke all the boundaries of God/Godesses, Religon, Cast, Sub Cast, etc.
I became free.
This line helps me daily to become good human first.
This line also taught me another big lesson and that is every night when I sleep? I am dead.
Like last night I was dead.
But today I am reborn.
I got only today to do something better than yesterday.
Since then I live only my daily life and that’s the better & bitter truth I digested with lot of difficulties.
I don’t think about yesterday and past since I can not change a second of my past or yesterday.
I don’t bother about tomorrow & future because it is not in my hand.

Best regards,