At my end too, I have been studying & experimenting with people around about people and perception happens for each one and how perception differs or changes from person person.

Entire credit for this study and experiment goes to Da Vinci Code English film. Click below to read more about the film

In The Da Vinci Code film, Mr. Tom Hanks entry starts with the same subject of interpretation & perception.

In this film, Mr. Tom’s characters try to explore perception issues as regards to religious symbols and the story starts.

When I saw this film for couple of times and read book for couple of times! I realized interpretation & perception is a big issue for every mankind ~ myself included too. It is not an easy subject to handle & to tackle. Since then I am reading & studying the subject.

Post to that (means after watching film), I also realized how perception subject was nicely tackled by Mr. Stephen Covey in his 7 Habits book. Specifically preface pages from 1st to 31st. Click here to read more about the book.

Writer request (each) reader to read the book with writer’s thinking lens.

Today while I was reading this Washington Post experiment! I suddenly found another connecting dot for interpretation & perception study.

At my end, on daily basis wonder or blunder happens when I speak to anyone around. In home, in office, in society, nation at large & above all Indian customers.

Number of blunders (happened in past and as of now) and wonders (happened in past and as of now) push me to use simple words and simple lines.

My so far experience confirms to me that wonders happens in office and at customer’s place and blunders happens in home and in society.

While studying wonders & blunders (both)! I also realized that before I start talking or writing! I must clear my stand before and then I must start.

Read both the posts and happy reading.


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