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Dani Shapiro Says

I fully agree and endorse above lines said by Ms. Dani Shapiro.

At my end I put efforts (daily) to read, to hear & to watch enchanting, inspirational, wonderful, peaceful and satisfied material.

I search for this material daily using Internet.

Ultimately it helps me daily (in personal life, in professional life, in social life and in national life) when I talk (to family members, office staff, suppliers and above all customers), when I write (in home or in office. On LinkedIn, on Google Plus and on Medium. Letter ~ Personal or professional, Proposal for customer. Article for blog. Contents for web site. Above all, 3 books that I started writing) and when I express (In home, in office, in society and in nation. To family members, friends, office staff, suppliers, countrymen and above all customers) to people around.

My experience (as of yesterday and as of today. Tomorrow. I don’t know. If I am reborn? I will repeat what I am doing today and that is reading, hearing, watching & writing) confirms to me that it creates magnate waves in others when they read what I wrote and/or when they hear me and when they watch face to face.

On number of incidents people (some and not everyone) confirmed to me on my face.

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Happy reading and writing too.

Best regards,


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