Dear Mr. Madhur,

Accepted your professional request to get connected on LinkedIn. We are connected.

Sending this welcome note via Medium route since there are many bugs within the UI of LinkedIn article. I gave them time to time feedback about it. I assume (flying my thinking kite in air) LinkedIn development team and testers needs some (how much? I don’t know.) time to fix various bugs.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone including myself! In turn I want to invest this gifted life & birth in welcoming you on LinkedIn without wasting a single second to change LinkedIn, development team & testers.

I’m not immortal. But I assume LinkedIn, development team and tester team think they are immortal and that is why they take so much of time to release new UI for LinkedIn without testing it from various user perspectives, angles, behavior and so on.

On other hand, I find Medium tool and platform much simpler.

Please be noted.
I am not brand ambassador or evangelist of Medium. They don’t pay me for praising + promoting their platform. I’m also not interested if they decide to pay.

Medium is easy to use.

Easy to write.

And easy to publish an article in no time and that’s the need of global writers.

I am one of them and very small.

Fact of the life is as soon thoughts arrives! Tool must be ready to serve the reader and writer. And that need Medium satisfy with efficient + neat + clean UI.

The way I wrote this entire post in few seconds at 06:15 AM as per Indian Standard Time.




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