Dear Mr. Prashant Sharma Saab,

Thank you so much for accepting my professional request to get connected with you on LinkedIn. We are connected.

Useful & Meaningful is what I do across the day and every second.

Sending this welcome note via Medium route since there are many bugs within the UI of LinkedIn article. I gave them time to time feedback about it. I assume (flying my thinking kite in air) LinkedIn development team and testers needs some (how much? I don’t know.) time to fix various bugs.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone including myself! In turn I want to invest this gifted life & birth in welcoming you on LinkedIn without wasting a single second to change LinkedIn, development team & testers.

I’m not immortal and I’m pretty confident about it.
But I assume or think or imagine LinkedIn firm, LinkedIn development team and above all LinkedIn tester team think + assume + feel they are immortal and that is why they released new UI (user interface) changes for LinkedIn global users without testing it from various user perspectives, angles, behavior, culture and so on.
Same situation also happened for Google Plus.
However, Google Plus gave the notice for a month before changing the UI.
However, changes in UI specially use of red color created chaos for global users. On various platforms global users raised the concerned about it. I also raised my own concern.
Having informed above, Pinterest, they are also using different red color! Somehow no users are complaining about it.
And that’s the point I’m making (and I always make) when UI and UX job is done.
In my professional capacity, I follow design thinking approach and method and i.e. first create prototype (of everything and anything.
And that too using paper and color pencils or color pens).
Allow users to feel it.
Collect the feedback and then finalize and then code it.
From that perspective I find Medium tool and platform much simpler.
Please be noted.
I am not brand ambassador or evangelist of Medium. They don’t pay me for praising + promoting their platform. I’m also not interested if they decide to pay.
Medium is easy to use.
Easy to write.
And easy to publish an article in no time and that’s the need of global writers.
I am one of them and I’m very small user across the globe.
Fact of the life is as soon thoughts arrives! Tool must be ready to serve the reader and writer. And that need Medium satisfy with efficient + neat + clean UI.

The way I wrote this entire post in few seconds at 01:06 noon as per Indian Standard Time.

Sincerely Yours,



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