Sir, It will helpful for us ; if you explain these tool in details..
Sachin Turambekar

Dear Mr. Sachin Turambekar,

I can explain you in details in your city and in our city.

Choice is yours.

In our city, it is free.

In your city, it will be priced since I have to travel.

Before arriving in our city and/or in your city? You need to give me the subject on which you wanted to use the idea tool and explore #MapTheUnmap.

I can do that.

Let me know when.

By the way, I will be meeting and visiting my IITian friends in their village from 2nd Sept to 9 Sept 2017 as usual.

So you can meet me in our city on or before 31st Aug. and/or post 10th Sept. 2017.

Choice is yours.