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You read it right. Yes. Hundred less one is equal to zero and not ninety nine.

Now this is not a mathematical formula that is being written.
But it is quality policy (attitude, passion, hunger, discipline, life style, working style, culture, behavior, etc.) being adopted by one of the Indian business brand. They are in to manufacturing business. They produce SPM (special purpose machines). These SPM’s are bought and used by global manufacturing companies. This business firm is receiving quality awards for their machines and also receiving export awards year after year. They are from India.
I’m fortunate to get connected with them and interact with them recently. In my first interaction, I saw this sign post at entrance of the plant. Since then I decided that I will write about it and about them when I will be able to find the connecting dots for it. I found the connecting dots today morning and that’s how this article happened.
Over there (means in their manufacturing business), above inspirational sign post is displayed at every area.
Sign post reminds everyone (associated with the business including promoters) about the quality that business needs to produce in every aspect of business cycle and as long as each one (associated with the business) is moving within the business premises.
All types of visitors (exiting customers, prospective customers, suppliers, government officials, etc.) are also forced to see this sign post. Sign post is also reminder to them with whom they are dealing and how they need to delivery quality if they want to be their associate in any form. Be it customer or supplier.
100 -1 = zero is attitude.
It is passion.
It is hunger.
It is discipline.
It is culture.
Above all, 100 less 1 = ZERO and PHD is DNA. I mean it.
Some are born with this DNA. Some gradually developed this DNA within their blood and that is how those individuals became 100 less 1 = ZERO and PHDians.
It is a decision taken by the individual (and/or by group of people, by business, by social work, by society, by government and above all by nation) for his/her life.
It starts with home (first) and then it automatically follows across the day wherever that individual goes.
I took experience of this (100–1 = zero and PHD attitude + life style + talking + culture + behavior + business ethics) first time when I interacted professionally with Mr. R. R. Joshi (JMD of Modular Infotech and Gold Medalist in Engineering across all 4 years) and with Dr. M. N. Cooper (CMD of Modular Infotech, Doctorate in Computers ~ Pixels, IITian, Ex. Senior Scientist from TIFR, Mumbai) when I met both of them as OEM buyer back in FY 1988.
I had picked up an order for Desk Top Publishing hardware. Customer insisted on us that we must supply Scriptmaster Marathi Newspaper publishing software. Scriptmaster was developed by Modular Infotech (at that time it was Modular Systems and later it became Modular Infotech Private Limited). I was associated at that time with a computer company by name PCL (means Pertech Computers Limited, New Delhi). Our branch manager asked me to get in touch with Mr. Joshi and Dr. Cooper.
When I met them face to face! Within 10 min’s of oral discussions, I realized I’m meeting different Indians. They talked less. But talk was to the point. Talk was soft. Talk was confident. Talk was extremely crystal clear and there was no space for ambiguity, discussions, confusion and debate.
I still remember that talk and Mr. Joshi’s words. He said and I quote “Dear Mr. Phadke. (Mind you, Mr. Joshi never called me by my first name. It was plain Mr. Phadke.). We can supply Scriptmaster to PCL. Modular will give 15% as sales commission. Modular will also give 10% more commission if PCL deliver the software to customer, install on customer’s machine and above all give 10 days training to the customer. Once we receive customer satisfaction and appreciation letter in our office? We will reimburse 10% commission. We also need 100% advance from PCL. Advance must be paid including tax and octroi. Once we receive 100% payment in our office and credited in our current bank account? Then only our dispatch department will handover the software and hardware card. Software will carry 1 year of warranty. Warranty will be also given for hardware card. After one year of warranty? There is no AMC to the customer. However, if our hardware card becomes faulty and/or stops working for what so ever reasons and faults in computers? Customer and/or PCL need to pay us INR. 1500.00 rupees in advance and then only we will replace the faulty card.
My first meeting with Mr. Joshi and with Dr. Cooper changed my life. I enjoyed the meeting, crystal clear talk, business ethics, business culture, business practices and standard operating procedure that was adopted by Mr. Joshi and by Dr. Cooper for Modular, for Modular staff and for Modular customers.

I was in love with that. I started calling that process as micro detailing. I follow this discipline of micro detailing in my life daily.

At that moment (when I met Mr. Joshi and Dr. Cooper), I took a decision for my own life that I will also follow similar protocol all along. Clear and straight. Micro detailing and above all 100 less 1 is zero.

Later (after FY 1988), I also worked with Mr. Joshi and with Dr. Cooper in 3 different periods. In that period, I closely observed Mr. Joshi and Dr. Cooper. I realized what 100 less = ZERO is all about and what is PHD is all about.

I gradually injected both thinking in my own life since both gave me an immense pleasure on working on my own life than worrying about others and that bothering about what others says and think.

I also started treating Dr. Cooper as My Guru, Mentor and Teacher and I started observing him very carefully on daily basis. How he comes, what time he comes, when he goes, how he talk, how he respond, how he reply, what words he use, how he use, what voice tone he use, how he takes decision, how he say yes, how he says no, when he laugh, when he is calm and why and so on. It was inspiring for me to watch him, observe him and follow too. Gradually he became Godfather. Much more than my own biological father.

Later I met more Indians namely:-

  1. Mr. Anant Deokar, Smt. Sunita and Mr. V. Shriram (He was Gold Medalists from Raipur University in Computers) ~ All in Modular Systems alias Modular Infotech

2. Mr. Niranjan Gidwani and Mr. N. Venu ~ In PCL.

3. Mr. Anshuman Khajekar, Mr. Sanjay Khadatkar, Mr. Datta Kashte and Mrs. Urmila, all in Expert NetCad.

4. Mr. K. T. Davies in Pioneer Micro Systems.

5. Mr. Shriram Vaidya and Mr. Shetty in Asmita Electronics Private Limited.

6. Mr. Shrikant Aithala, Mr. Karunesh Pande (He is with Google now), Mr. Mithun Shitole (He is with Symentech/Veritas) and above all Mr. Senthil Kumaran (He completed his first doctorate and now pursuing post doctorate).

I was also lucky and blessed to interact with few Indians with whom I interacted as supplier and they were sitting in customer chair namely:-

  1. Mr. A. P. Shahane ~ EA to MD of KSB Pumps

2. Mr. Shinde ~ EA to MD of MIDA. It is now Yashada where IAS and IPS officers are trained.

3. Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni ~ OSD for PM Office, India.

4. Mr. Atul Bivalkar and Mr. Ramdas Bhujbal @ EagleBurgmann

5. Mr. Atul Tapre @ MD TrueThread

a. If you look at the above list! Each one (name) is different.

b. Each one is brought up in some family structure (It could be joint family, separated family or nuclear family).

c. Each one follow and/or don’t (I’m flying the kite) some or no religion system and cast system.

d. Each one born in different part of India.

e. Each one got different education. Be it primary or secondary or higher secondary or college education or post college education.

f. Each one prefer different eating system.

g. Some are 100% vegetarian.

h. Some are 100% non vegetarian.

i. Some are 50:50.

However, 4 things are common in all of them namely:-

  1. Following 100 less 1 = ZERO

2. Following PHD

3. Building DNA within their blood on daily basis for 100 less 1 = zero

4. Above all, polishing 100 less 1 = zero on ongoing basis.

I have read, heard and watched similar DNA philosophy (micro detailing) in Mr. Steve Jobs, Mr. Dustin Hoffman, Mr. Marlon Brando, Mr. Kevin Spacey, Mr. Robert De Nero, Mr. Steven Spielberg, Mr. Warren Buffet, Mrs. Meryl Streep, Mr. Clint Eastwood, Mr. Matt Damon, Mr. Nasiruddin Shah (in India), Mr. Om Puri (in India), Ms. Smita Patil, Mrs. Shabana Azmi, Mr. Amir Khan (in India), Mr. Balraj Sahani (in India), Dr. Vikas Amte, Late Baba Amte and I’m sure there will be more across the globe.

I’m sharing my experience about 100 less 1 = ZERO using connecting dots as I follow this at my end too.

Yours truly,



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