Every better change start (or must start) from home ~ First


Every better change start from our home.

At least this is what I believe, follow, agree & preach.
At least this is my own truth based on my experience.
If we are neat, clean & hygienic in our home? Then we can copy that in office, on roads, in society & in nation.
If we are disciplined in our home? We can replicate it in office, on roads, in society and in nation.
If we are helpful & useful in our home for our family members? We can be useful & helpful in office, on roads, in society and in nation.

My Creator, Designer, Producer alias My Mother was born only with one active hand and i.e. left.

Her right hand was inactive since she was 3 years old.

She was victim of polio.

In turn she fought daily (till her death. She died @ 75) with her own life using her left hand.

Watching her daily fight (in terms of completing countless task in hand in home like taking bath, cleaning floor + bathroom + toilet + cloths, washing face, brushing teeth, cooking Indian food, cutting vegetables, stitching cloths, wearing saree and what not) and getting beyond imagination success was inspiration for me all along.

In turn helping her (first forcefully by her and later helping her all the time I took it as my morale duty) via smart ways & means became passion.

This passion I brought it in to office, in colony (where I was staying & where I am staying now), in society (wherever possible & asked) and in nation (wherever possible & asked).

This passion (helping people around to become smart) gives me tremendous satisfaction, pleasure & peace of mind.

Whenever I see (through my own eyes and whenever my friends informs me) people struggling to complete designated task in hand! I ask them if I could help them to complete in time or before time.

While helping! I write down task in hand and I ask countless questions to the task and grab answers. Post to that, I write down the process & work flow. Post to that I ask countless questions to entire process & work flow to find an opportunity to automate. Once I see the opportunity! I call upon our team mates and with their help we document the process and we automate the process.

In last many years we (our professional team) helped many customers.

In last many years, I shared many tips & tricks to individuals.

To some, I shared it on my own.

To some, when they asked me.

With regards,

S MN Phadke

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