Every year 8th March, international women’s day is celebrated (across the planet in many countries) as per understanding (perception + thinking + imagination + point of view + feelings + emotions + past + upbringing) of individual ( or group of people), by business firms, by government and by social organizations.

I am sure reader may not disagree with above sentence.

Last week while I was traveling in Jalna, I visited Vinodrai Engineering Private Limited and met, Mr. Sunil Raithatha. He is Managing Director of Vinodrai Engineering.

Meeting Mr. Sunil was not planned. I took a chance to see if I could meet Mr. Sunil.

I entered the factory by checking out with security guard. Guard informed me that Mr. Sunil is available.

When I entered office, I saw Mr. Sunil and his wife was sitting on two chairs. In front of them, I saw a young little girl standing. Side by a little boy was sitting on a chair. I saw middle age male & female sitting in front of Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Sunil.

When Mr. Sunil found that, I was standing out of his cabin! He asked me to come in.

I asked him I could meet him next time since he got guest.

On which, he said, come in and meet them.

I was introduced to that little girl who was standing over there. She, her little brother & her parents were invited by Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Sunil.

Little girl was called in Vinodrai Engineering factory since it was International Women’s Day.

She was praised by Mr. Sunil, Mrs. Sunil and entire factory staff for the achievements she did it in her school.

She also showcase me various awards that she won.

After that she and her entire family were given a factory tour.

She was given gifts and sweets by Mr. Sunil & Mrs. Sunil.

Later I came to know (Mr. and Mrs. Sunil informed about it) that Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Sunil have been actively involved and following this practice (praising little girls around, giving them gifts, sweets & tour to factory) for many years in their factory year after year.

Every year on women’s international day! Couple visit nearby schools located in village. Meet girls. Praise them. Award them. Give them gifts and sweets.

That is how Women’s International Day is celebrated by Mr. Sunil, by Mrs. Sunil, by his daughters & by Vinodrai Engineering Private Limited.

Mr. Sunil has also hired many females within their manufacturing business. Each one is praised by Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Sunil on this day.

Mr. Sunil also got two daughters. Both are studying. One of them is also now helping Mr. Sunil in his business when she get vacations.

I thought in this weekly post I would share an inspirational experience that I took it on International Women’s Day celebrated by Vinodrai Engineering, by promoters (Mr. Sunil, Mrs. Sunil and his daughter) and by their staff too.

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You can read & view other inspirational contents that I read + saw + heard across the week from 6th March to 12th March, 2017.


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This happened in 1665. The first joint Secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg, published the first issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the world’s longest-running scientific journal.

This happened in 1869. Dmitri Mendeleev presented the first periodic table of elements to the Russian Chemical Society.

This happened in 1902. Real Madrid, one of the world’s richest football clubs, was founded as Madrid Football Club.


preprandial means Of, relating to or occurring during the time before dinner.

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This happened in 1871. José Paranhos, Viscount of Rio Branco, became Prime Minister of the Empire of Brazil, starting a four-year rule, the longest in the state’s history.

This happened in 1985. The charity single “We Are the World” by the supergroup United Support of Artists for Africa was released, and would go on to sell more than 20 million copies.

soul-searching Probing introspection; a critical consideration of one’s conscience; also, an instance of such consideration.

Please avoid becoming a saleable product for people around. Avoid becoming consumer for people around.

Create history today and/or make an attempt

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intersectionality means A feminist sociological methodology of studying overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination.

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blip means 1. (electronics) A small dot registered on electronic equipment, such as a radar or oscilloscope screen.; 2. A short sound of a single pitch, usually electronically generated.; 3. (by extension) A brief and usually minor aberration or deviation from what is expected or normal.

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This happened in 1876 today. Alexander Graham Bell made his first successful bi-directional telephone call, saying, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.”

This happened in 1977 today. Astronomers using NASA’s Kuiper Airborne Observatory discovered a faint planetary ring system (false-color image pictured) around Uranus.

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This happened in 1881. Andrew Watson made his debut with the Scotland national football team and became the world’s first black international footballer.

apple of Sodom means 1. (medieval mythology) A gigantic tree supposed to have grown on the site of the destroyed cities Sodom and Gomorrah (see Genesis 18–19 in the Bible), the apples of which would turn to ash and smoke once picked.; 2. (botany) The names of various plants, often bearing bitter or poisonous fruit.

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