Let’s not promote the PINK generation
Kasturi Shrivastava

Follow humanity. Yes. I also preach, follow & endorse “Following Humanity”. It should become law of land, religion, cast and sub cast. If implemented across India and globe? I think and I am sure 75% problems will get resolved instantly created by people for people. Since Nature (trees, plants, birds, animals, etc), Universe, Sky, Son, Moon, Water, Soil, Fire and Air/Wind are not attached with any man made attributes like religion, cast & sub cast.

Hi Kasturi Shrivastava,

I just read your point of view based on your perception about “Pink” Indian movie.

Surprisingly and luckily I also saw “Pink” today only and I am going to write about it based on my point of view and based on my interpretation.


This is Phadke SMN from India.

Student forever.

Learn, unlearn and relearn till we all become unbiased about everything and anything.