Good Evening Mr. Ashutosh Satpute,

Thanks a lot for accepting my professional request to get connected with you on LinkedIn. We are connected.

Now look at the image below

This is what (as mentioned in above image being useful and being meaningful) I (agree + endorse + live and preach too) follow professionally (and personally + socially + in nation).

This is what I learned from My Guru, My Teacher, My Mentor and My Godfather ~ Dr. M. N. Cooper.

My Guru is one of the legend Indian who is respected all across globe for his knowledge, for his passion, for his work culture, for his work ethics and for his attitude. Personal + professional + social and national.

I worked with Dr. Cooper in 3 different periods from FY 1987–88 till FY 2010–11. He was born in Maninagar (Ahmadabad). He completed Ph.D. in computers (in Pixels) from US after passing out from IIT, Mumbai. He was closely associated with Mr. J R D Tata (Chairman of Tata Sons). Before starting his business! He worked in TIFR, Mumbai as Senior Scientist. In his business, he attended his business duty for 32 years dot at 08:21 AM in the morning and he left the duty dot on 05:55 PM for 32 years. In 32 years, he earned more than 18 lakhs global customers. All of them bought his business developed IP (software product).
You may have heard and/or used Shree-Lipi multilingual software. Shree-Lipi software was developed by Dr. Cooper’s business firm. Before that his business also developed India’s first indigenous multilingual typesetter that was sold by Blue Star India across India. He (in professional capacity) also offered his paid brain services (as hard core + pakka + passionate + disciplined professional) to Microsoft Inc. and to Apple Inc.
I am yet to see, read and hear the business record which he created in India and being in India.
According to me (my perception + my point of view = which is based on my experience) he is the finest useful & meaningful CMD I ever met.
I’m walking the same golden path which My Guru walked for his life and still walking.
Being useful and being meaningful 24/7 to myself (first) and to people around gives me immense satisfaction and peace of mind.
Now you must be wondering why I’m sending this long welcome note via Medium and why not via LinkedIn?

Earlier I used to send welcome note via LinkedIn to every new LinkedIn connector (with whom I got connected) as an article written within LinkedIn platform using “Article” as feature available in LinkedIn. I’m sure you must have seen and/or used. Both.

However for last few months (since December, 2016 onward) LinkedIn introduced new UI (means user interface through which global users get connected and get engaged with LinkedIn) and that too without giving any prior notice to any LinkedIn user. Paid or free. I’m free user as of now.

There are many errors, mistakes and bugs within the new UI (means user interface) of LinkedIn “article” feature.

These mistakes + bugs + errors + does not allow me to write professionally within no time.

Entire UI (means user interface), navigation (means the way user is moved from one UI to another UI, one feature to another) and the work flow associated with new LinkedIn UI (means user interface) “article feature” waste too much of my professional time. And I got no time. For that matter none of us got too much of time. We all got only 24 hours daily.

As a pakka professional (like my guru), I gave them (means LinkedIn team using feedback form provided for global users to raise their voice about the errors + mistakes + bugs found in LinkedIn) feedback on time to time.

However I got no response. No reply. No thank you note. No email. Nothing.
I’m not surprised by this attitude (work culture, work ethics, business ethics, etc.) as I’m fully aware that there are countless people on this planet who don’t respond and reply. They are also available in home, in residential colonies, on roads, in society and across nation.
I (also) assume (flying my thinking kite in air) LinkedIn development team and testers needs more (how much? I don’t know.) time to fix various bugs + errors + mistakes.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.
Myself included first.

In turn I want to invest this gifted life & birth in welcoming you on LinkedIn (via Medium route) without wasting a single second to change LinkedIn, LinkedIn development team & LinkedIn testers.

I’m not immortal (and I’m not immediate or distant relative of Ashwatthama. Epic character from Mahabharat book. Some people says he is immortal) and I’m pretty confident about it. I’m born to die.
However, I assume or think or imagine LinkedIn firm, LinkedIn development team and above all LinkedIn tester team think + assume + feel they are immortal. That is why they (dare) released new UI (user interface) changes for global LinkedIn users without testing it from various perspectives, angles, behavior, culture and so on. Same situation also happened with Google Plus. However Google Plus gave 90 days notice before changing UI. Now-a-days Google is giving similar notice for the change in Gmail UI. However, changes in UI (in & on Google Plus) specially use of red color created chaos + mess for global users. On various social media platforms (on web only) global Google Plus users raised their concerned about it. I also raised my own concern about it from India. Having informed above, Pinterest, use different red color! Somehow no users are complaining about it.
And that’s the point I’m making (and I always make) when UI and UX job is done.

UI (user interface) is the single most and only window through which user get engaged with software, hardware, retail outlet, automobile, washing machine, food processor, air conditioner, pen, pencil, mouse, Laptop, Smartphone, Desktop, Monitor, etc.

You name it and outstanding + inspiring + enchanting + incredible + peaceful + wonderful UI (user interface) is the (only or key) mantra to engage users.

On other hand; UX (means user research) is an act before creating UI for anything and for everything.

In my professional + personal + social + national capacity, I follow connecting dots + design thinking approach to solve any or every man made problem.

I follow this method very strictly since it has given me (and our team too) tremendous + beyond imagination + beyond expectations pleasure + satisfaction + peace of mind while serving every global customer. This happened in past and it is happening right now.

Create prototype (of everything and anything. And that too using simple white paper and color pencils or color sketch pens). Allow users to feel it Collect feedback about it. And then finalize and then code it and/or make it.
At my end; I’m studying Design Thinking since FY 2005 and following connecting dots since FY 2005. Both are amazing tools & incredible + inspiring thinking approach to solve any man made problem. I have used them in my personal life, in residential colony (where in I live as of today), in social work and in professional work. You should try once in your life. Process is created in the form of image. See below.
From that perspective I find Medium tool and platform much simpler. Please be noted. I am not brand ambassador or evangelist of Medium. They don’t pay me for praising + promoting their platform (writing & reading web based tool). I’m also not interested if they decide to pay. For me as of now, Medium is easy to use. Easy to write. And easy to publish an article in no time and that’s the need of global writers. I am one of them and I’m very small user across the globe.
Need of daily life is as soon thoughts arrives in mind! tool must be ready to serve the reader and writer.
Remember our Indian black slate and white chalk that many of us used when we started learning (Indian) alphabets & (Indian) numerals from our mother? At least I learned. I also learned “Shree” character drawn in Jwar grains using my fingers. My mother helped me to learn this as first character. And that is how I got immense emotional attachment with Jwar grains and with “Shree”. I also learned that in State of Kerala, kids are taught in similar ways. Instead of jwar, over there, they use rice.
In current context Medium satisfy this need (to quickly write) with an efficient + neat + clean UI (user interface) as of this month and i.e. June, 2017 and the way I wrote this entire post in few seconds at 08:38 HRS (evening) as per Indian Standard Time.
LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus platforms are yet to achieve that speed which Medium achieved for writers.
You know well. We all got only 24 hours (some how some or many Indian’s don’t believe in it. They think they are immortals. They think they are real brother or sister of Ashwatthama of Mahabharat Epic book) daily to do something incredible, inspirational, enchanting, wonderful, peaceful & kind work that is useful & meaningful to us and to people around. I’m making sincere attempt. Since I’m not sure about tomorrow. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Not to me and I know it.

Yours Truly,



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Last minute thought : I am sending this welcome note via Medium (for another solid & professional reason) so that professionals across the globe (India too) can view (share too) this welcome post written by me for you outside LinkedIn environment and that’s the pleasure I wish to give to every user in LinkedIn and outside LinkedIn.

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