Good Morning Mr. Zubin Poonawala,

Yesterday I received an email notification from LinkedIn (image is created for email notification using print screen option available on keyboard. Image is above).

Email confirms to me (to every global LinkedIn user) that you endorsed 12 professional skills which were visible on my LinkedIn professional page.

Now this is awesome, inspiring, wonderful, peaceful, enchanting and incredible.

I mean it.

I’m honored.

You are so nice, kind & gentle too.

Your kind & professional act reminded me of My Guru, Dr. M. N. Cooper who used to inspire me and our entire team whenever we used to do something creative and innovative beneficial to customers at large and company too.

I thank you from bottom of my heart & soul.

I am praying Nature God & Invisible Spirit to bless you and your family forever.

I also thank you for being connected with me on LinkedIn.

By any chance if you visit India (for what so ever reason/cause)! Do intimate me in advance. I would love to meet you in person and face to face to take your blessings for the rest over plus gifted life + birth I got it.

Sincerely I remain,



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