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This happened in 1710: The Statute of Anne, the first fully-fledged law regulating copyright, entered into force in Great Britain.

This happened in 1816: President James Madison signed the charter establishing the Second Bank of the United States as the nation’s second national bank.

incorrigible: means

  1. Defective and impossible to materially correct or set aright.
  2. Incurably depraved; not reformable.
  3. Impervious to correction by punishment or pain.
  4. Unmanageable.
  5. Determined, unalterable, hence impossible to improve upon.
  6. (archaic) Incurable.

Can you describe some freak accidents that changed the course of history?

Do You Think Like Steve Jobs? See if you can make the same calls that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs did during key stops on his road to becoming a business icon.

Things You Can Control

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