Help Others is the screen saver I created back in FY 1998 when I got my first mobile handset. I was associated at that time with

I was the first one to receive mobile since I used to travel 25 days a month across India. Promoters of Modular felt that to track me and to be in touch with me, they felt I must use mobile.

Mobile was produced by Nokia. Model Number 3510. Look at the image below.

I created Help Others screen saver (to remind me 24/7 that I am not born for myself. I am born to serve others.) when I read complete biography of Shri. Baba Amte.

Since then, Help Others has become my home duty and national duty.

This self initiated duty on my own has given me tremendous peace of mind and satisfied life.

I got it till yesterday and enjoying it today too.

Tomorrow! We will talk about it if I am reborn tomorrow.

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