I Lived Nowhere and With Nothing For the Past Year — This Is What Happened…
James Altucher

Hey James Altucher

I loved the post and I am living similar life in India as you narrated in your post.

Across the day, I read, I write and I meditate.

When my monthly earnings are over? I make 1 or 2 visits to some customer. Sale enchanting story. Grab the automation project. Get it developed and then I survive for another month.

My life style and life is simple.

Less is More.

I read no Indian papers.

I watch no Indian TV.

I hear no Indian FM Radio Stations.

Books are friends since my selected best friends are somewhere on the planet.

One is in US. Second one in Hyderabad. Third one in Bangalore. Forth one in Kuwait.

As soon as I get up and when I see my eyes are open (like today)? I treat that day (like today) as my rebirth.

When I sleep (like yesterday)? I treat that night (like yesterday) as my death.

I owe nothing to everyone around.

I need nothing from anyone and everyone around.

I can’t please anyone and everyone since that’s not why I am born.

Why I am born? I have no idea till today and today I may get the answer.

I am resharing your post again.

Best regards,