Thanks Phadke!
Bo Ren

Hi Bo Ren,

You are most welcome.

At my end and when I traveled Indian land (and still traveling year after year) for more than 20 lakh kilometers, I unlearned, relearned and learned countless things about India, about Indians, about Indian culture and so on.

Each travel helped me to unlearn and what I learned.

Be it marriage, parenting, education, religion, cast, sub cast, cooking, eating, sleeping, getting up, cleaning, washing, caring, health care and so on.

In turn and in every kilometer of travel, I felt that I was wrongly educated in the city where I was born and brought up. Every kilometer of travel helped me to become unbiased.

Being unbiased about anything and everything helped me to keep my childish attitude to ask innocent and straight forward questions. Answers received to each question, kept my morale & hope on upward side.

All this travel helped me to live my daily gifted + simple life with satisfaction. I also realized + understood (after validation on each kilometer) that no one is perfect (myself included first) and no one will become perfect forever.

Since perfection definition and interpretation + perception of definition itself changes on every kilometer. In turn, I stopped expecting everything and anything from people around includes my parents, my grand parents, my other 100’s immediate & distant relatives, dear ones, beloved ones, friends, employers, business colleagues, customers, government staff and above all politicians.

This understanding helped me to inject 2 attributes namely high tolerance and high patience.

Over all, no regrets being student. In fact being student is a greatest asset and treasure and that’s my point of view based on my interpretation & perception. It gives me greatest pleasure, peace of mind & satisfaction beyond imagination & beyond expectations. In turn, I preach to only those who ask for it.

In due course of time, I also realized that there are 2 categories of people to whom I meet and interact.

  1. Useful & meaningful.
  2. Entertaining.

I realized and understood (after validation) that meeting only useful & meaningful people allows me to learn, to unlearn & to relearn more. In turn, I started meeting those people. Slowly (without others coming to know about it) I started running away from all those who were entertaining.

Some how I never liked the idea & concept of live people entertaining me 24/7 as I found entertainment, information & education through books.

I thank you once again for responding to my comments on your article.

Be well and do well.

Be useful and be meaningful.

Be with useful and be with meaningful.

Avoid entertainers.

There is huge demand~supply issue of useful & meaningful people across the globe. India too. Finding them is the biggest and difficult task.


This is Phadke SMN from India.

Student forever.