There’s no better way to derive meaning in life than through creation. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be.
An Important Lesson from One of History’s Most Powerful Speeches
Zat Rana

I fully agree and endorse and follow myself on daily basis doing daily experiment on my life so to create an awesome experience for myself and others too.

And to do that I work work on 5 ideas namely #MapTheUnmap; #RemapTheUnusedMap; #Reuse; #GoMobile and #GoDigital

I use simple strategy namely #StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin preached by great writers.

By doing this I help myself first to #workfaster, #safer and #smarter and others too.

I want people around (with whom I deal) to spend more quality time with their parents and with their family and in turn I help few enterprises who are keen to complete every task in hand in time or before time.

First I do this for myself.

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