The people of the past, who survived wars, and famine, and economic depression, and life without electricity and the internet and cell phones, had an enormous amount of positivity and belief in the power of the people.
What Makes Me a Great CEO
Gary Vaynerchuk

I fully endorse and agree with the lines painted in green color.

I’m the product of 1 war with China, no consistent electricity as of July, 2017, no phones in home as of 1984, no cars in home as of 1990, no tv in home as of 1984, no knowledge about copy right act as of FY 1996, no knowledge about patent as of FY 1996, no knowledge about engineering & technology as of FY 1996, inaccurate education system from 1st standard till 10th and it still exist in July 2017, wrong teaching of history and geography and still exist as of July 2017, absurd politics and absurd political people they are there since politics started, etc.

All this pushed me (and few of my friends and they can be counted on fingers) to become self dependent, self independent, self confident, self disciplined and above all fearless.

I’m from India and I’m pakka Indian.

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