Travel to new places (or move there)
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Guy Ligertwood

I have been traveling India since I was in 9th standard. So far, I have traveled more than 20+ lakhs of Indian land and I still travel.

I moved from home town for couple of times and experience is awesome.

Recently, in festival of lights (India’s famous festival called as Diwali and/or Deepawali), I traveled again in one of the small village of India where only 3000+ Indians are living.

Village starts at 0500 AM in the morning and close at 0500 PM in the evening. There is no air pollution, no sound pollution, no thinking violence, no thinking masturbation, and no thinking (loose motion) diarrhoea. Sea shore is 500 steps away.

Over there, I met an inspiring Indian accidentally. We talked to each other. He is highly educated (I assume) and he offers is legal services as a lawyer to multiple Indian banks. He also wrote more than 100+ books on the knowledge that he gained and earned.

He offered me an golden opportunity to settle down in that village. Next month I would be meeting him in that village again to finalize the plan and to work on micro detailing.

His first hand offer was so exciting.

He says and I quote “Mr. Phadke. Come down and stay in this village and I will take care of your staying, food and living. I need some one who can take care of our heritage home. I am old now. My father is 90+. I want someone who is careful and who is authentic and ethnic.”.

I’m exploring that option to spend my rest over gifted life in Indian village and explore more creativity by sitting in Nature and being in Nature.

I have been dreaming about it since FY 1990.

Over there, only sound that one can hear is about Nature, sea and wind. That’s it.

I’m so fascinated by the idea since I am frustrated by the sound pollution created by people and by countless products produced by people in Indian urban cities.

I am also frustrated with air pollution created by another man made product and that is automobile and by air traveling products.

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