I liked this painted text line as I’m taking experience daily when I randomly visit Indian websites and take experience on Desktop, Laptop, Tab and Smartphone on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and on iOS.

I give feedback using feedback form available on the website.

However, my experience (as of July 2017) confirms to me that there is no author, owner and accountable for the feedback form and feedback received via such feedback forms.

And that’s the time above painted lines get proved. Writer’s point of view proved.

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Since 1st December, 2016 I’m giving regular feedback to LinkedIn team about painful experience which I’m taking in India with LinkedIn article feature, and then downloading LinkedIn data feature.

However, no impact on LinkedIn team.

In turn, painted line text (see image above) makes sense. Point of view by writer is proved.

~ Phadke

This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever

We work on 5 ideas namely #MapTheUnmap; #RemapTheUnusedMap; #Reuse; #GoMobile and #GoDigital

We use #StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin thinking philosophies.

We help people around to #workfaster, #safer and #smarter

We wish and want people around (with whom we deal) to spend more quality time with their parents and with their family and in turn we help very few enterprises (and people over there) who are keen to complete every task in hand in time or before time.

By the way we do this (#workfaster, #safer and #smarter ) first in our home and that is how we are able to do it for others.

We use our own ideas (as mentioned above) in our home first and that is how we are able to use it for others.