Live A 24 Hour Life.
The Benefits Of Living a 24-Hour Life
Zdravko Cvijetic

I’m living since FY 1998, the day I got connected with My Indian Spiritual Guru accidentaly. Since then, I live daily and I die daily.

I have no past and I have no future.

I only got today.

In that today, I got only one goal and i.e. how to be most useful and most meaningful to myself first and to people around who are alive.

This massive thinking change, does not happened over night.

I took 3 years to read, to understand, to think, to imagine and to paint.

Since FY 2001 onward, my gifted life + birth was in my control.

Sadly, I had given it to people around. I became a saleable product of people around and environment around.

Since FY 2001, I was free. I was belonging to no one and everyone was belonging to me.

With great difficulty, I also removed time & calendar from my life and that’s it. I was completely out of illusion.

I felt I must share my experience + my point of view from India being born accidentally in so called as India.

I’m no one and I’m everyone.

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