Imagine for sake of discussions ~ If you travel to space for a second?

Will you be able to see boundaries for your home, neighbor, village, district, state, country, etc.?
Will you be able to see religion from space?
Will you be able to cast or sub cast from there?
Will you be able to define which is east, which is west, which is south and which is north?
Will you be able to see color difference from there?
Will you be able to gender difference from there?
Will you be able to see the difference between huts, flat, bungalow, mansion, penthouse, farmhouse or sky scrapper from there?
Will you be able to identify and make the difference between person walking, person cycling, person driving, person sleeping, ill person, person in hospital, dead person, newly born baby, person in train, person airplane, person in bullock cart, person in jail, person in court, young, middle age, elderly, etc.?

Scientific answer is surely NO.

No with capital N.

You will only see entire earth planet. You will not be able differentiate and identify anything from space.

Now think, imagine, paint and face it.

Today, you are still on this earth. You are not in space.

You are alive and not yet dead. Think about people who died last night. Naturally and man created death that happened in hospital, road accidents, killing and so on. And you got no control on it.

Your eyes are still open and your are so lucky & blessed. Think about blind people across the planet.

You are able to read, speak, write and talk. You are so lucky and blessed. Think about those who can’t talk from birth, who can’t walk from birth or later, who can’t hear from birth or later. Think about those who could not attend the school.

You are so lucky and able to think since you were given education about A to Z (alphabets) and 1 to 0 (numbers).

You were pushed and/or you were forced to read books from 1st standard till 10th.

You are so lucky & blessed today.

Then why the hell you allowed these 3 man-made words (namely “complaint”, “difference” and “compare”) to enter in your gifted life + birth?

Why the hell you created a mess for yourself (first) + your life and now you are on the mission to create a mess + chaos for others?

What the hell you will gain for yourself?

What the hell you will gain by doing this to others?

Do you ever feel that you are not the most useful & meaningful person to yourself and to others?

Do you ever feel that by allowing “complaint”, “difference” and “compare” words within your life! You have become“most useless” and “most meaningless” person for your own gifted life + birth and now others too.

Do you want to change? Create following experience today for yourself to start the change.

Display this board in your home with your image, display in your toilet, display in your bathroom, display in your office and create a personal identity card for yourself and share immediately when you meet any new person today.

10x thinking is not that difficult.


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This happened on 17 July in 1992: Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Manchester Metrolink, the first modern street running light rail system in the United Kingdom.

unused: means 1. (not comparable) Not used.; 2. Not accustomed (to), unfamiliar with.

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The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Rising in the Rocky Mountains, it flows south into Washington, then turns west to form most of that state’s border with Oregon before emptying into the Pacific, 1,243 miles (2,000 km) from its source. By volume it is the fourth-largest river in the US and the largest in North America that enters the Pacific.

This happened on 18 July in 1976: At the Olympic Games in Montreal, Nadia Comăneci became the first person to score a perfect 10 in a modern Olympics gymnastics event.

hostis humani generis: means A person who has committed a criminal act so grave — originally maritime piracy and slave-trading, and now torture as well — that any nation may put on trial and, upon conviction, punish him or her.

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flerd: means A mixed group of ruminants, such as sheep and cattle.

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This happened on 20 July in 1807: French brothers Claude and Nicéphore Niépce received a patent for their Pyréolophore (diagram pictured), one of the world’s first internal combustion engines.

This happened on 20 July in 1997: After being fully restored, the USS Constitution, one of the United States Navy’s first ships, sailed for the first time in 116 years.

moon shot: means 1. The launching of a spacecraft or an object to orbit or land on the Moon.; 2. (sports) An act of throwing or hitting a ball with a high trajectory.; 3. (figuratively) An expensive, hard, or unlikely task of great potential impact.

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I’m resharing following post and since I’m following Mr. Simon Sinek, I started reminding myself with this sign namely #PhadkeFromIndia and #StudentForever

My dear friend, Mr. Shrikanth Aithala shared this post. I am resharing it again.

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This happened on 21 July in 1970: The Aswan High Dam in Egypt was completed after 11 years of construction.

This happened on 21 July in 2007: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the popular Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, was released to record sales of 15 million copies in its first 24 hours, making it the fastest- selling book in history.

imbroglio: means A complicated situation; an entanglement.

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pave the way: (idiomatic, often followed by for) To make future development easier.

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While I was reading following article by Govt. of India about UMANG! I felt happy and inspired since the article falls under the category of 5 ideas on which I have been working since FY 2005.

The idea which is being adopted by Govt. of India too is called as GoMobile. Take a look.

While I was reading this article! I felt and smell that digital social media platform is driving the food experience. Take a lot, think & start painting. Do you agree?

Our 5th idea of GoDigital! Can you feel the need?

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bon mot: means A clever saying, phrase or witticism; often, a witty riposte in dialogue.