In the first place, I wish each reader A Proud Indian Independence Day ~ Today & Forever.

Take the initiative but give back the control is the subject of today’s article.
For me, writing an article means sharing the experience taken by me (in this gifted life and birth) using connecting the dots.
Connecting the dots definition (my own perception) is looking in past by remembering and then finding out an inspirational sparks or triggers that inspired me to write down these thoughts in the form of article.
Above lines were written by the writer namely #GetFatOrDieTrying on the medium. I want every reader should know about it. Entire credit goes to the writer who inspired me to look in the past and then connect the dots.

When I read the article written by the writer, I was instantly inspired.

Thanks to the idea tools namely #MapTheUnmap, #RemapTheUnusedMap and #ConnectTheDots.
I use these idea tools in my own life as well as I use these tools in home, in business, in profession, in projects, in social work and in national work.
These tools provides me great insights from different angles and diferent perspectives.
Insights helps me to handle the subject, the situation, the hurdle, the challenge, etc.

Experience from past ~ used connect the dots idea tool

1.I took first experience of above lines from my mother. I was in 5th standard at that time.
On every Saturday and Sunday, she used to start some new activity (cleaning, washing and wiping) and she used to ask me and to all my school going uncles (immediate younger brothers of my father. 4 brothers) to follow her instructions on how to do the task in hand.
She used to give us complete control of the activity.
Please be noted. Loud & bold.
My mother had only one hand and i.e. left. Her right hand was completely dead and non functional. As good as nothing. It was Polio disease which created this pain for my mother and for her life. My mother was also orphan child. Orphan child means she lost both the parents when she was 3 years old.
However, being orphan child and with only one hand! She never gave up. She was fighter, soldier and leader too.
While completing the activity and the task in hand! She used to guide us and help us only when we needed the help and/or when we were doing the activity and the task in hand inaccurately.
She was the the task master, author and authority on countless processes.
I (always) wonder where she learned so many processes and how? How much time she took to learn, to adopt and to follow?
2. Then I took the next experience while I was associated and working with my Godfather alias Guru alias Teacher alias Mentor, Dr. M. N. Cooper.
According to me, he is the best. He pushed us to do the research before starting the project (product or customized) and I used #MapTheUnmap idea tool in my own capacity to do the research.
3. Then I followed above lines and took the experience while I was working on EagleBurgmann KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering Software Automation) project.
In this project, I gave a complete control to Mr. Senthil.
Mr. (now he has earned Ph.D. and he is Doctorate) Senthil Kumaran being technical lead! He gave the complete control to the people working with him.
In the same project, I found Mr. Atul Bivalkar (He was VP in EagleBurgmann at that time and now he is ED of EagleBurgmann) giving complete control to Mr. Ramdas Bhujbal who was our one point contact for the project.
4. Then I followed above lines while I was working on various projects that we (means our team) developed and completed for business enterprises namely Thermax Limited, Krohne Marshall, Tata Motors Limited, Bajaj Auto Limited, Forbes Marshall Arca Division, Forbes Marshall Sempell Valves Division, Tema India Limited and Nichrome India Limited.
5. Two months back I took the similar experience when I was leading ACE Automotive Solutions website creation project and digital marketing project.

With so much of experience in hand! I can confirm (reconfirm again) and share my experience with the readers.

Giving control to others is an amazing and inspirational experience.
It gives great space (thinking, working and self esteem to others. It gives great privacy to others to use their own gifted brain, thinking, mind, soul and ideas.) to everyone within the team. Team could be in home, in office, in business, in social work and in nation work.

Now a days, I also push people around to take their own initiatives. I help them only when they ask. I focus more on reading, writing, creating notes, etc.

While I am reading, writing, meditating, creating notes, etc.! I follow 7 idea tools namely:-

If I come across something interesting while we are working on the project! I share with team (in home, in business, in office, with customers and with nation) via article, via text message, via images, via videos, via audios and via article.

Giving back the control to others also work amazingly in home the way I have given control in our home to the next generation.
Inspiration for giving up control I got it when I saw a very powerful Gujarathi and Marathi drama by name Baa Retire Thai Chey means Mother is Retiring.
This drama inspired me to give up the control in home at the age of 40. Where as in drama, Mother retires at the age of 50.
I thought I will provide #ConnectTheDots on how and why I liked the lines that are shared as title of the article and image too.

Click here to watch the Gujarathi drama that is available on YouTube

I hope and assume, this post and this article is useful and meaningful.

Wishing each reader A Very Proud Indian Independence Day.


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