Kirthiga Reddy Talks about Learn, Unlearn & Relearn

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn

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At my end, I heard this line for the first time (back in FY 2005) from Mr. Ajay Deshkar’s (He was one of the Director of Expert NetCad) mouth while I was serving Expert NetCad (Aurangabad).

After (after hearing the line and thinking about it what’s the deep meaning of this line) that I also got an opportunity to read 4 books namely Theory of Karma (Indian book written by Mr. Thakkar), 7 Habits Book by Mr. Stephen Covey, Thinking — Fast & Slow Book by Dr. Daniel and The Checklist Manefisto Book by Dr. Atul Gavande.

All these books put big stamp of endorsement on Learn, Unlearn & Relearn.

Since then (i.e. after hearing this line and after reading above 4 books for number of times), Learn, Unlearn & Relearn has become life style for me and life philosophy for me.

I know there are many (I don’t know how many) people on this earth who are following this line as their life style.

At my end, this line helped me to become unbiased about my birth, about my first name, about my middle name, about my surname, religion, cast, education (taken so far), home, city, district, state, country, eating, cleaning, working and countless words/verbs that are popular in India and used by 120 Cr. Indians including myself.

I also understood (with great difficulties, pains & tears in my eyes & tears in my mind) that being biased about anything and everything in India (and about Indians too) is a biggest crime & biggest blunder.

This line is helping me daily to become a better person 24/7 than yesterday.

This line helped me till yesterday to become better person and this line is helping me today too.

Watch the video and see if you as a reader can sync with this line or not.

Recently I also wrote another article in sync with Learn, Unlearn & Relearn.

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