Quest of today is this.

How many global (Indian too) producers (of any product and service) across the globe use & test their own product before offering it to countless consumers across the globe?

Yes! You read it right.

This question is for every producer of every product & service.

This question is for every sales person and every sales person who take a risk of his/her life and try to promote product and service produced by their business firm.

Watch the video first and go back to your own office or business premise.

Now close your eyes.

Meditate and think about your product and/or service.

Now ask question to yourself first.

Do you use (your own produced product) the product or service that you want to sale it to consumers? You want your consumer to use it?

If answer is yes? Good.

If answer is no? Why the hell you open your mouth and tell the buyer to buy the product or service?

Don’t you think you are doing injustice with the customer and on your own life too?

Are you not worried about your professional brand?

Are you not worried about your professional character?

Remember. Once the character is lost? You will never get it back forever.

Yours truly,

#PhadkeFromIndia; #StudentForever

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