Look at both images. Yesterday I was traveling in Ahmednagar. I was in MIDC of Ahmednagar. I was there to express my business point of view on digital marketing and various attributes of digital marketing. Our meeting started at 09:00 AM in the morning and it was completed at 03:00 pm in the afternoon.

When our meeting started, my college mate (He produce and offer some awesome and cost saving solutions to manufacturing industries, construction industries {especially huge residential colonies having more than 1000 homes, flats & bungalows} and shopping malls) asked about lunch.

And I said why not go for working lunch than taking break?

He liked the idea and he asked me how about mini lunch which is served in our home than going for bread products or junk products like pizza, burger and so on!

I said it will be sugar in milk.

In turn, he called on the number (you can see the number in image) and dot at 0100 noon! Lunch arrived.

I was surprised with the packaging (outer box made of paper) and above all actual lunch pack which was nicely packed. Mini lunch pack had following eating items namely:-

  1. 3 roti’s/chapati’s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapati

2. 2 subji’s (1 green vegetable and 1 standard vegetable grown on trees)

3. 1 dal

4. Chopped onion

5. Mango pickle

6. Fried Jeera rice

7. Chopped tomato

8. Chopped cucumber

9. And above all sainted sanuf

Mini lunch plate was and it costed INR 75.00. Taste was ok for all the items. I was amaized and I thought let me take pictures of this box and share on Medium in the form of article.

I also checked with my friend about the producer. Some, Mr. Lobo (he is originated from State of Goa) provides this mini food product for MIDC and for home.

As I could not find Mr. Lobo’s web presence and social media presence from business perspective! I felt I must write about him, about his product and about the wonderful service that he offers to many people for basic and bare minimum need of every human.

So next time if reader of this post is traveling in Ahmednagar for business purpose, for holistic purpose, for personal purpose, for social purpose or for national purpose! Traveler can try this food. Number is already visible within the image.

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