Mr. Hitesh Mali (An Indian from State of Gujarat) raises 2 questions for every Indian. Do you have one hour for yourself? Do you have one hour for India? Today! If answer is yes? Watch the inspirational video of 1 hour.

I am sharing this video as I (always had) fully understand the power of India and the power of Indian population for a very long time the day I learned (I was taught the subject in school) about civic science subject. Civic science is my pet subject. Learning about civic science subject from India perspective, inspired me not to think of any other country than India for a very long time. Inspiration happened about India and about Indians never provoked me to think out of India and never provoked me to take out a passport to go out of India as I saw countless opportunities in India for myself and for others too. Moreover, when I started traveling at a young age! I found countless opportunities in India and for Indians on every nook and corner. As of now and as of today I traveled more than 20,00,000+ kilometers of Indian land. I still travel month after month. Traveling is helping me to learn + to unlearn + to relearn about India and about Indians.

In addition to learning of civic science and traveling, I read Professor Shivaji Bhosale (his 2 books namely Jagar 1 and Jagar 2 written in the Marathi language) and I heard and watched Professor Shivaji Bhosale. My interpretation and perception about India, about Indians, and above all opportunities (countless) available in India and about Indians reconfirmed time & again that there is no need for any Indian to take the exit from India to survive, to scale and to sustain in peace and with satisfaction. I mean it.

Yesterday while I was traveling (time & again), I saw the following inspirational video.

Watching the video in travel confirmed me once again; India is the opportunity of land.

Not for one year or for 10 years. But for countless years. I mean it.

Now, this is my point of view and this is my opinion.

I am perfectly aware and trained that my point of view and my opinion is not at all a universal point of view and universal opinion.

I am perfectly ok with that.

However, watching this video, capturing the knowledge shared, validating the shared information plus knowledge, and analyzing the information plus knowledge shared within the video confirmed to me about my hope about India and about Indians.

The same may/or will conform to the reader of this post why India is called as the land of opportunities.

My thinking friend, Captain Vikas Gokhale, shared the said inspirational video to me. He runs his business in a small village in India by name Stay Panchgani.

Stay Panchgani is our customer. Our means Good Crooks India. We are serving Stay Panchgani for one year plus. We mean Good Crooks India team.

Thanks in advance for the optimism and thanks in advance for trusting India and Indians.

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