My Inspirational Wednesday (27th April, 2016) started with following inspirational image. It was great start. I’m so lucky and blessed that luckily I subscribed to few design portals + blogs to feed my thinking greed to be inspirational all along.

Look at the image below and also click others links where user will find inspirational reading material for today.

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I also recommend (strongly that’s the only thing I can do as a writer of this post) each reader to answer a wonderful survey (2nd last post under the name Design Maturity Survey) and link is provided below.

I answered each question honestly for myself as well as I answered the questions for those organisations with whom I was associated. Some associations were successful, some were not not and some were outstanding. I put myself in owner’s shoes and tried to answer each question. Results were amazing, incredible, inspirational and enchanting. I hope this survey does the same job for every reader too.

Moreover I also appeal each reader to pass on this survey to all those people (dear ones and beloved ones) who are struggling hard to survive in business and/or yet to achieve (so called) success in their business.

Ask each of them (and people associated with business + people working for business) to give answers.

Collect all the answers.

Do analysis of all answers and I am sure solution will be clearly visible what actions need to be taken to succeed.

Wish all the best.

Happy reading,

Be Well. Do Well.

Best regards,


Pheroza Godrej: Mumbai’s art queen ~ One of Mumbai’s leading art historians, Pheroza J Godrej, updates Ornella D’Souza about her commitments as editor, collector, curator and member on various cultural boards

Hamlet No Omlette: A time for Natak ~ Parsi theatre was the first to realise the full commercial potential of Shakespeare’s works. The result was King Lear as comedy and a farce called Hamlet No Omelette.

Pakistan’s first female rally racer: Tushna Patel ~ Her start was very different from what she had imagined for herself. She ended up in fourth place! This was in 2013 when Tushna Patel made her rally racing debut, becoming the first woman in Pakistan to take up the sport which till then was restricted to only male drivers here.

Indian High Commissioner Navtej Sarna lauded the Parsi community for its role in India’s freedom struggle as well as in post-independence nation-building.

Of genteelness and gentlemanliness: Ratan Tata ~ They don’t make men like Ratan Tata any more. The reason is because in today’s time, you are defined by your wealth and not by your worth as a human being. They don’t make men who believe in values and are willing to sacrifice pecuniary gains for remaining steadfast on their values. They don’t make men who take a stand and see it through.

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This happened in 1667: John Milton, blind and impoverished, sold the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10.

This happened in 1810: Ludwig van Beethoven composed his “Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor”, better known as “Für Elise” (audio featured), one of his most
 popular compositions.

proot: means A command to a donkey or mule to move faster.

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