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Since we are connected and we are following each other? Let me inform you what I do in India, for whom, how and why?

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1. Imagine the world where we wake up early in the morning and we are instantly inspired to visit the work place. It could be office, factory, manufacturing plant, business, working on-site, working abroad, etc.
2. Imagine the world where we got inspiring (hard or soft) tools which help us to work faster, safer and smarter. Tools and solutions waste no time of anyone.
3. Imagine the world where we are able to complete the well-defined task in hand in time/before time and we are able to go home in time *daily* to spend quality time with our parents and with our family members.
I work (obviously with the team) on 7 idea tools namely
1) #MapTheUnmap (Foundation stone for all 6 remaining idea tools)
2) #PrepareTheChecklist
3) #ConnectTheDots
4) #RemapTheUnusedMap;
5) #Reuse;
6) #GoMobile
7) #GoDigital
We develop software solutions for the business processes that are unmapped, ignored, missed, forgotten, newly born and newly found.
We offer a band of services under digital marketing umbrella namely web site creation (Static/Dynamic), blog creation, eCommerce portal, Mobile App (iOS and Android), Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Content Creation for Web Sites/Web Portals/Social Media Business Pages, integration of Google AdWords, integration of Facebook Ads, integration of LinkedIn ads, integration of Pinterest Ads, etc.
Our observation (experience based on working with global enterprises) confirms to us that business works seamlessly and smoothly on well defined + well documented + well-analyzed systems + well owned business processes.
Business could be driven by people or by systems.
We work with both types of businesses (however I enjoy the second option and i.e. business driven by the systems than people) since both got countless opportunities.
Business processes are primarily used people. One or more.
People do use the machine(s), tool(s), inventory, knowledge (residing in human), education, rules, regulations, compliance’s, laws, observation, experience, experiment, etc.
When people and others are not mapped? We are invited by the business.
Now to find whether we (people and solutions) are useful and meaningful to the enterprises or not? We follow following habits namely:-
1) #StartWithWhy;
2) #StartWithHow;
3) #BeginWithEnd
4) #WinWin
to arrive at the conclusion (decision level) whether enterprises really need our services or not.
We help people in businesses to #workfaster, #safer, and #smarter.
We want people in business (with whom we deal) to spend more quality time with their parents and with their family members and in turn, we help those enterprises who are keen to complete every task in hand in time.
I #workfaster, #safer and #smarter in our home and that is how I am able to do it for business people with the help of the team.
I use 7 idea tools (as mentioned above) in our home first and that is how I’m able to use it for business.
List of business enterprises to whom I personally gave amazing and inspiring experience using #MapTheUnmap idea tool. Names are:-
· Hotel Darshan (Entire hotel plus customers. I started my earning career from this hotel. I was waiter in this hotel and I was studying in the college in the morning.)
· Menon Pistons Limited ~ Experience given to this customer gave me 300++ more opportunities to serve more customers.
· The Kolhapur Steel Limited
· Mary Wanless Hospital
· Phadke Prakashan
· Department of Education (Shivaji University, Kolhapur) ~ Experience given to this customer gave me to serve the entire university.
· Department of English (Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
· Typing Section (Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
· KSB Pumps Limited
· Kirloskar Brothers Limited
· Mahindra Sintered
· Mahindra Chemicals
· Mahindra Engineering
· Roplas India
· MIDA alias Yashada
· State Government of Maharashtra ~ Governor’s Office
· Thermax Limited
· Cummins Diesel Sales & Service
· Directorate of Income Tax ~ Experience given to this office allowed me to reach all the income tax department in a span of one year.
· NIC (Karanatak, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala)
· WEBEL ~ Experience given to this customer, allowed me to reach out every single government office under West Bengal government.
· CMC ~ Experience given to this customer, allowed me to reach out every railway division across India.
· PMO Office, Delhi
· Goa Legislative Assembly
· Andra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
· TVS Electronics Limited (2 times)
· Modular Infotech Private Limited (3 times)
· District Collector, Sangli.
· Aurangabad Municipal Corporation
List of enterprises to whom our team (I lead the team) gave an amazing experience using #MapTheUnmap, #RemapTheUnusedMap, #Reuse, #GoMobile, #GoDigital, #PrepareTheChecklist and #ConnectTheDots. Name are:-
· Thermax Limited (5 times)
· Forbes Marshall Private Limited (9 times)
· Nichrome India Limited (2 times)
· EagleBurgmann (5 times. India, Japan & Germany)
· Krohne Marshall Private Limited (2 times)
· Ambica Cloth Stores, Belgaum alias Belagavi
· ACE Automotive Solutions, Thergaon (Chinchwad)
· Philips Corps. (USA) ~ Mr. Prashant lead the team
· IRIS Polymer (Pune) ~ Mr. Atish lead the team
· Nath Seeds (Aurangabad) ~ Mr. Prashant lead the team
· Schindler India (Pune) ~ Mr. Prashant lead the team
This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever.
I can be contacted via mobile and number is nine four two two zero one five six zero zero and write to me using subbod at the rate gmail dot com.
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