RIP ~ Mr. Andy Grove

I came to know about Mr. Andy’s death last night (only) when DuckDuckGo Internet browser displayed this information on their homepage.

While I was reading the post about Mr. Andy Grove’s death! I instantly remembered a wonderful book that I read back in 1998.

Look at the book cover below

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This book (reading time & again) taught me great number of lessons.

Moreover, I took (one of the) experience (from the book) for one of the lessons (from many. How Mr. Andy Grove appointed EA for his office and the process) back in India when I was posted in New Delhi. Year was FY 2000 to FY 2005.

My Mentor alias Guru phoned me and said I need to meet PM’s Secretary. I met PM’s Secretary only for 3 times (in 5 years of time) in that period.

Over there I learned many other lesson but one of the lesson was well mentioned in Intel Inside book and i.e. how you hire EA for CEO of the company.

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