#SethGodin with his real time help + tip + trick for all the businesses who want to retain their existing customers and who want to increase their customer base? This post is very much for them.

Businesses who care a less or give a damn to their customers? This post is not meant for them. They should not invest their valuable time (gifted life + birth) in reading this post.

However, customers who are taking the real time experience of no care from suppliers? They should disconnect themselves with careless businesses and promoters.

There are countless options available. Use #MapTheUnmap idea tool to find careful businesses.

I’m making such a list of Careful and Careless businesses (including customers) as soon as I take the experience with people.

I do use #MapTheUnmap ideal tool that I invented for my own life so that I can live in peace and with satisfaction.

No wonder, why so many friends and dear ones (from India and for Indians) use me as their local search engine for their needs.

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