#StartWithWhy and #StartWithHow

I read above message (visible in image) on LinkedIn shared by Mr. Simon Sinek. I am sharing the message in imagery form factor.
I am also sharing my experience that is linked with Mr. Simon Sinek to inform and to confirm how inspiring people around are helping me and our team in India.

Since FY 2005, I am following #StartWithWhy and #StartWithHow with pure innocence so that I could help myself as well as people around for their needs (challenges, pains, hurdles, obstacles, troubles, etc.).

I never realized that one day both these teachings and preaching (#StartWithWhy and #StartWithHow) will become a great idea tool to get associated with global enterprises to solve their business needs.

In addition (to #StartWithWhy and #StartWithHow), I also used Mr. Steven Covey’s 2 teachings namely #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin in above idea tools and aha moment happened back in FY 2005 when India’s well established business firm M/s. Forbes Marshall Private Limited (Pune ~ Maharashtra ~ India) gave us an opportunity to solve a small business need.

We (myself and our 3 members team) solved the business need on-site (means sitting in business premises) dot in 4 days.

Problem was solved late in the night/early in the morning.

It was 02:45 AM.

It was an amazing and inspiring moment for all of us. I was there all along. Us means our team.

3 team members were sitting in business premises. One member was sitting in her home far away from the business premises.

She was located in City of Aurangabad. Aurangabad is located 240 KM away from the business premises.

At 03:00 AM, I reported about the success via mobile text message to the IT Head of Forbes Marshall.

Since then and since that moment and for next 5 years I never looked back.

I was poured with similar challenging projects one after another from companies like Bajaj Auto Limited, Thermax Limited, TEMA India Limited, Nichrome India Limited, Nagarjuna Group and above all EagleBurgmann.

We completed 27 projects.

Each project created an amazing experience for all us.

Us means business firms + people associated with the project and our team too.

This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever.

We (myself and our team in India) work on 5 ideas namely #MapTheUnmap; #RemapTheUnusedMap; #Reuse; #GoMobile and #GoDigital.

#MapTheUnmap was taught to me by mother, Mrs. Mangala Narayan Phadke. She is no more. She started preaching about this habit since I was in 5th standard school.

#RemapTheUnusedMap was shared to me by a friend, Mr. Balkrishna Bhakre. His credentials can be read & checked on following link

#GoMobile idea, entire credit goes to M/s. Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited, Goa.

Back in FY 2005, they (one Mr. Avinash Deshpande associated with Zuari Agro) saw I was using Nokia Mobile Phone which had full fledged English keyboard. I was using that keyboard very seamlessly, smoothly and without too much of efforts.

Mr. Deshpande asked me if I can create SCM (supply chain management) solution needed by Zuari Agro’s SCM human resource gang.

I said let me do homework and come back. So I started using #MapTheUnmap idea on their business need. Prepared checklist. Shared the checklist with our team. And wow! We developed a unique text based solution within 2 months dot on Nokia’s Symbian Operating System.

Please click below to read more about Symbian OS

Zuari Agro’s credentials can be checked on following

#GoDigital idea, entire credit goes to Deven Infotech. Credentials can be checked and read on following web site.


Entire credit for this idea, #GoDigital goes to Mr. Laxmikant Bhakre. He is co-founder of Deven Infotech.

His credentials can be read and checked on following web link.


We use #StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin thinking philosophies when we start talking to global enterprises.

Please note.

#StartWithWhy and #StartWithHow preached by Mr. Simon Sinek.

Please click link below to read more about Mr. Simon Sinek.

Please note.

#BeginWithEnd and #WinWin is preached by Dr. Steven R Covey via his famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book.

Click below to read more about Dr. Steven R. Covey.

We help people around to #workfaster, #safer and #smarter

We want people around (with whom we deal) to spend more quality time with their parents and with their family and in turn we help few enterprises who are keen to complete every task in hand in time or before time.

By the way I do this (#workfaster, #safer and #smarter ) first in our home and that is how I am able to do it for others with the help of team.

I use ideas (as mentioned above) in our home first and that is how I’m able to use it for others.

* Imagine a world where we we wake up and we are instantly inspired to visit the work place. It could be office, factory or on-site.
* Imagine a world where we got inspiring (hard or soft) tools which helps us to work faster and smarter. They waste no time of anyone.
* Imagine a world where we are able to complete the well defined task in hand in time/before time and we are able to go home in time *daily* to spend quality time with our parents and with our family members.


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