Steven Spielberg says

Why only single year? Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every fortnightly, and every month, we all (myself included) are a different person.

I’m not sure about others.

At my end, I’m taking this experience of being different every second.

My experience is completely based on the changes that I feel in my thinking, my act, my activities, my imagination, my priorities, etc.

Above all, the way other people respond, comments, and remarks on anything that I do daily.

Here are some connecting dots from past

Since I got married! I only heard unpleasant & unkind words being used for me, and for the activities which I have been doing on daily basis.

Unpleasant and unkind words were used by my family mainly my wife, my son, and by my daughter.

For last 90+ days, I am serving, nursing & caring my age old father 24/7. He is sick and ill beyond his expectations, beyond his friends expectations and family too.

In last 90+ days, I am able to see 360 degree change in the words used by my family for me.

The change that I am seeing is in thinking.

Change is amazing, enchanting & inspiring.

At my end, I have been informing + educating + empowering everyone around to focus intensely on every kind act, task at hand and kind opportunities.

I’m requesting all of them to jump on it immediately than waiting.

Requesting all of them to take experience without worrying and bothering what happens next.

Somehow, many of them never agreed on my point of view, and my suggestion.

However, the day my father got admitted to the hospital! Their views changed.

Their perception changed.

Their interpretation changed.

All helped them to change their thinking.

Change in thinking helped them to chang the words, and lines.

Change in words, and lines changed their approach to people around.

And that’s the power I’m talking about thinking kindness all the time.

That’s the power I’m talking about thinking about being useful & being meaningful to ourselves (first) and others too.

Sharing this real time data and on going thoughts while serving, nursing & caring my age old father.

While playing a role of male nurse, and various tasks associated with it! I’m also focusing and working intensely on my passion being useful and being meaningful to myself and people around.


S N Phadke from India Student Forever

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