The Four Fatal Flaws ~ Let’s make an attempt to convert them in to laws for peaceful and satisfied life for every mankind.

What is the one thing you would like to see fixed within your organisation?

This is the wonderful, inspirational, enchanting and incredible image I received (via email) and read.

This image is targeted for the business and for the business organisation.

However my POV (Point of View) is this (following) image not only matters within business.
But it also matters in every home, in every residential colony where in we all stay, in every marriage (already happened and going to happen), in every mankind society, in every ruling government and above all in nation too.

If these four fatal flaws if converted in to laws! Every mankind life in home, in residential colony, in every society, in every government and in nation (too) will become peaceful and satisfied. That’s what I think and I hope.

Think about it. Think like this.

Best regards,


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