The state of enterprise UX design in 2017

Please click the web link. Read word by word. Line by line. Sentence by sentence. Check dictionary meaning. Then check emotional meaning. Then message between the lines. Then validate first in home, then office, then business if any, then social if any and then government business if any.

Living daily gifted life and birth (in home, in office, in business, in social work and then in government business) with pathetic tools, rules, processes, etc. means killing our gifted life and birth on that day. It means wasting gifted 24 hours that we all got it.

Since FY June, 1996 (The day I actually came to know about UI, UX, Design, etc.) and then FY 2005 onward (The year I came to know about Design, Design Thinking, Prototype and above all connecting dots), experience is frustrating as well inspiring.

Frustrating because there are so many ugly tools, processes, rules, etc.

Inspiring because I saw a great opportunity to change so that every person associated with those tools, processes, rules, etc. can enjoy his/her gifted life and birth. He/she can complete the task in time/before time, he/she can enjoy the task in hand and have fun. Above all, he/she can go home give more quality time to his/her family members, friends and above all to himself/herself. He/she can get more privacy in gifted 24 hours for the day. I strongly believe, follow, preach, give and demand ~ Privacy is my gifted right for this gifted life and birth.

How do I do it? I use following image.

I have shared these 4 idea’s with global users with whom I’m connected. Each one liked it.

I got the inspiration for above, from my late mother, Mrs. Mangala Narayan Phadke.

She was orphan child means when she was born.

After 3 years, her parents died.

She was also polio victim.

In turn, she lost her right hand.

She grown up in many homes and in many cities.

However, polio disease and physical part not available (to her to complete various task in hand), did not demotivated her.

She fought daily.

I watcher her daily fight.

She also taught me how to fight daily life of task in hand and how to complete the task in hand in lesser time.

She taught me how to cook, how to cut, how to clean, how to wipe, how to iron, how to buy vegetables, how to buy grocery, how to stitch, how to design, how to write, how to speak, how to sing, how to play musical instruments and so many things.

She helped to become self dependent and self discipline person.

I will not be able to return this favor in this gifted life and birth.

Gradually (when I became adult. I became adult at the age of 15.), I started working on above image and I started making my life and my mother’s life simple, easy and smart.

Later, I brought above image in to my job and then in to business.

In last couple of years, I helped many global customers (Thermax Limited, Bajaj Auto Limited, Forbes Marshall Arca division, Forbes Marshall Sempell division, Krohne Marshall, Corporate Engineering Tool division in Forbes Marshall, Tema India Limited, Nichrome India Limited, Eagle Burgmann, Ambica Cloth Store, Shivaji University ~ Kolhapur, Phadke Prakashan ~ Kolhapur and many more) to enjoy their daily task in hand.

I helped them to become smart. Smart means spending lesser time or accurate time to complete the task in hand in time or before time.

Above all, I helped actual user to go home in time so that they could spend more quality time with their family members, parents and above all for them too.

For me, wasting today’s gifted life & birth on anything is most frustrating. For me, making mistakes or errors while completing the daily task in hand means I’m not learning, unlearning & relearning.

Making mistakes and errors means I’m not knowing the complete process of the task in hand. Making mistakes and errors means I’m not yet trained and that means I must take training quickly. I’m not able to speculate time to complete the task in hand means I failed miserably in thinking, in imagination, in validation and in analysis.

I hope reader like the web link and post that I wrote on the link.

If read wants to try out these idea’s, I’m easily contactable. My credentials are mentioned below in which passionate reader can find my email ID as well as Smartphone number.

Text me name, organization name, Skype ID and detailed address! And I will eCall and eText immediately. I’m known for effective communication in time and on time. However, no calls and no text after 06:00 PM in the evening as per Indian Standard Time. Post 06:00 PM to 0930 PM is reserved for my family and for myself. I sleep at 0930 PM dot and get up at 04:30 AM daily. So please help me and help yourself too.

Wishing every reader most useful and meaningful day. Go home in time. Spend quality time with parents & family. Above all, have at least 1 hour of privacy for your own life.


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