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A few traditional Sanskrit Subhashitas/Nitis about the hoarded wealth and black money in light of #DeMonetisation

दानं भोगो नाशस्तिस्त्रि गतयो भवंति वित्तस्य
यो न ददाति न भुङ्क्ते तस्य तृतीया गतिर्भवति

Only in these 3 ways does all money end up: 1) Enjoyment 2) Donation and if you don’t do either of these two, then the 3. Destruction. So, don’t hoard your money. Either donate it or enjoy it while it lasts, because by default it is the number 3.

अति संचय कर्त्रिणां वित्तमंस्य कारणं।
अन्यै: संचीयते यत्नादन्यैशच मधु पीयते।।

Hoarded money goes waste. Like Honey gathered by bees so painstakingly, is only enjoyed by others!

उपभोगकातराणां पुरुषानां अर्थसंचय परायणानां,
कन्यारत्नमिव गृहे तिष्ठंत्यार्था: परस्यार्थे।

Greedy people hoard their cash not knowing it is like raising daughter: you bring them up with love, only to go to someone else’s household. So is hoarded cash.

संचितं क्रितुषु नोपयुज्यते याचितं गुणवते न दीयते।
तत् कदर्य परिककरक्षितं धनं चौरपार्थिव गृहेषु गच्छति।

The hoarded money neither spent for one’s enjoyment nor donated to a worthy cause, is only waiting to either rot in the belly of earth or to go to the houses of thieves. Don’t hoard: enjoy or donate.

गौरवं प्राप्यते दानात् न तु वित्तस्य संचयात्।
स्थिति: उच्चै: पयोदानां पयोधीनां अध:।

No Glory in accumulating but only in giving. See how the clouds that give rain, are roaring from high above, while the sea that only collects is seated at the bottom!

यो वह्याशार्जितार्थसन्न कुर्वंस बहुधा वृषं।
दोषी वांछान्निव स्वास्थ्यं भुक्त्वैवापथ्यमौषधं।

Corrupts money is as useless even if donated as medicine to that patient who does not follow the prescribed dietary restrictions.

यथा वृष्टि: समुद्रेषु तृप्तस्य भोजनं।
वृथा दानं समर्थस्य वृथा दीपो दिवापि च।

Like Rain over seas, like food to someone not hungry, like lamp during day wasted like that is money given to rich.

सत्पुरुषोर्जायति धनं यत् सकलजनेष्ट साधुवृध्धश्चैव स्यात्।
तस्य धनस्य च हानिर्नानुपहत धर्म बल सुगुप्तस्यैव।

White money earned by honest people and noble businessmen never exhausts, never meets loss, and is never stolen. For, if honest money serves Dharma, Dharma too protects honest money.

Please note. Loud and bold.
I am not the writer of English and/or संस्कृत text. My dear friend & colleague, Shri. Manoj Acharya sent me this text via Whats App. We both worked together in Cirrus Electronics Private Limited. He was based out of Bangalore and I was on wheels all the time. He was born in Bagalkot. He now serves TCS in Bangalore. We both worked to promote Modular Infotech and C-DAC and their linguistic software products & tools. I was connected deeply with Shri. Manoj since he was able to speak, read, write and think in many Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit. This connected me with Shri. Manoj within no time. He also helped me to learn Kannada and other Indian languages while we were associated with each other for 20 odd months.
As I can read, think, imagine, understand, validate & analyze English and संस्कृत written text! I was instantly inspired by the message since message got lot of logical and morale values.
I am resharing this post as it is.
I am not commenting on it and I am not judging on this expression of thoughts.

Each reader needs to do his/her own validation in his/her own mind, life & birth about it.


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