Design for platforms you’re not accustomed to (Android, iOS or web)
14 Uncomfortable Habits That Will Make You a Better UX Designer
Guy Ligertwood

Dear Guy Ligertwood,

This is the topic I am yet to touch.

However, day after day I am inspired the way things are happening on iOS, on Web and on Android.

I hope I will be able to do it in this gifted life sooner.

I got couple of configurator ideas. From FY 2005 till FY 2010 I worked on more than 23 configurator ideas for Indian manufacturing companies. While completing these knowledge based engineering configurator’s! I developed the configurator for Indian food. It all started with paper drawing & paper sketches.

These systematic + processed eating configurator are actually helping me in my daily life when I am cooking.

I am seeing lot of Indians who are eating out of home on daily basis. I worry for them. I think my food configurator will help them not to eat out but eat in home.

Let’s see. My sketches are already ready. However I am yet find, see and meet passionate, hungry and disciplined iOS developer, web developer and Android developer.