Ms. Shubhangi Salvi

I’m writing this public appreciation professional note for you and for your kind professional gesture.

LinkedIn email notification (see notification email in the form of image) informed me that you visited my professional page on LinkedIn. You viewed various professional skills that I learned (unlearn & relearn too) in this life and in this birth by investing consistent efforts on daily basis. However I was born with no skills, no training, no knowledge, no information, etc. I had nothing. Not even so called first name, so called middle name and so called surname. I received everything from people around and I owe credit of everything to everyone who created useful and meaningful impact on my life, which is gifted and only once.

I thank you from bottom of my heart & soul.

Very less professionals across the globe got an appetite to praise professionals publicly.

You are one from others. Others are not in great numbers. But that’s ok.

I pray Nature God and Invisible Spirit to bless you, your parents and family members.

Be well. Do well.

Be useful and be meaningful.

You may please remember and follow this.

On this planet, there is no shortage of people including India.
However, finding, meeting and being with useful and meaningful people are less in numbers.
They are in short supply for last 150++ years.
You can read the history and you may agree with my point of view which is purely based on reading history books, observing entire India (top to bottom and from left to right) and meeting countless Indians including in home, in business, in social work and on Indian roads.

Yours truly,



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Last minute note: You may wonder why I’m sending this note via Medium? Ok. There are great bugs and issues with LinkedIn article feature. I have reported about it to back-end LinkedIn team. Since they don’t read, they don’t listen and they don’t act/react to fix the bugs and issues! I’m using Medium platform. So don’t be surprised. I’m not here to change anyone. I’m here to inspire and change myself 24/7. Whether others likes or not? I have no control on others too.
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