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While doing homework on Google Plus, on LinkedIn and on Medium where to share following thoughts?

I found Medium as the only (useful & meaningful as of today and i.e. on 22nd October, 2016) platform where following expression of thoughts can be easily viewed and read by the readers and that is how this post is written & shared on Medium.

Post comprises of text & image.

Now Look at the following imagery message.

First read.

Then think about it.

Then imagine and ask question to yourself. Is it true for your life?

Then validate it in your own life. Is it fact? Have you experienced in your own life?

Then analyze it. Does this really happens in your life? That means are you disturbed & distracted now & then while living your daily life in home, in colony, in office, in society & in nation where in you are living as of today?

Now if accurate perception happens to you as a reader? Follow it and share it with all those people who are useful & meaningful to you and to your life.

Don’t share it with entertainers. They won’t like it. They won’t agree with thoughts expressed by me via this post. They will argue & debate with you to their best ability by giving you countless examples how entertainment is the utmost important. They will distract you on thinking ground. They will come up with countless examples to convince you as a reader.

Now this is (following lines) my point of view.

My POV is based on my experience. I get distracted & disturbed (24/7) every now & then in home, in colony, on Indian roads and across India.

I took experience in our home (where I stay), in our colony (where our home is located), on Indian roads, with Indians (countless people to whom I met face to face ~ willingly or unwillingly ~ intentionally or unintentionally ~ across India) and in India.

For me it is tough (daily) call finding out everything useful & meaningful. Whenever I failed (and many times it happens since none is stamped as useful & meaningful. Be it people, product, services, books, articles, blog, films, drama, local performing art, task in hand, job, employer, business associates, project, political parties, political people, government, social work, etc.)? Following thing happened with me and in turn I created my point of view, my experience and my perception in the form of image. Look at below.

Entertaining people (will) always talk about:-

Politics, Political parties, Political people, Political scandals, Political Corruption & so on
Film & TV Industry, Films & TV Serials, Film Gosspis, Who slept with whom, who got married with whom, who took divorce with whom and so on
Breaking News, Flash News, Shocking News, Filmy News, Religious News, Cast or Sub Cast News & so on
Entertaining yet unhealthy food, taste & serving hotels
Decorative yet uncomfortable clothing and where to buy, why to buy, when to buy & so on
Electronic gadgets & products
Decorative yet uncomfortable footwear
What’s going on in other homes?
What’s going on sports?
Religion, Religious Leaders and their scandals
Cast, Sub Cast, Cast/Sub Cast Leaders & their scandals
Cosmetic products, their importance, their usage & so on
Healthcare products, their importance, their usage & so on
Which country attacked on which country, why, how & so on
Medical professionals, hospitals, bad practices followed by them, number of deaths & so on.

While talking about above subjects (one, some or all)! They (entertaining people) will always create such impression that they are domain expert in every subject as mentioned above.

My experience confirms that none are domain experts in respective subject.

They just talk or tweet as they hear or read or watch.

They live fearful & doubtful life.

They spread their own fear & their own doubt across the society.

They create & help to create pessimistic society around.

They create & help to create untrustworthy society around.

And that’s one of the greatest disease spreading across the planet like viral.

Thanks to Internet, Smartphone and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whats App and many such platforms. All of them add fuel in fire.

Normally domain experts (useful & meaningful) don’t entertain people around. They are (always) busy in their own world polishing their own knowledge & skills on daily basis. This is my point of view. My POV is based on experience taken with great number of inspirational Indians who are masters of various subjects or skills. I was lucky & blessed to get connected with number of useful & meaningful Indians who were extremely great in various domain knowledge & skills. Top of the list is Dr. M. N. Cooper ~ Ex. Senior Scientists @ TIFR and Ex. Chairman cum MD of
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